27 Comments on “Magic cover – RUDE – LGBT version”

  1. Better than the original! When I sing this song, it’s always this version.
    This is seriously one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen! Thumbs up x
    This needs ALL THE VIEWS.

  2. I don’t quite know why but the lyrics of the original version of this song
    seemed to give me an a sense of reference to sexuality perhaps relating to
    bridegroom though. not sure. 

  3. How can i get the shirt you’re wearing in the video and in the background
    of the outro to the video? I need this shirt please and thank you! Keep up
    the awesome work!!

  4. I love this video so much! Much better than the original… which I have
    problems with for being so “old fashioned” in regards to women. Ya’ll
    turned it into something extremely touching and heart-warming. <3 I cannot
    wait for the day when there is equality for the LGBT community, for women,
    for people of color, and when non-human animals are liberated from their
    cages and the slaughterhouses are all closed. Freedom and liberation for

  5. I don’t like the original song, but I LOVE this cover and its intentions.
    You’re a wonderful musician.

  6. I would have loved to see more male couples in this video, but good effort.
    That man who shouted ‘disgusting sinners’ makes me sick, and I’m a
    Christian. Some people are gay…get over it.

    “I’m gonna marry her anyway”…You tell them, sister!

  7. I liked the original but loved this one! The guy with the microphone made
    me mad though. >:( I so want to smack some people…

  8. I love this song!!! when herd there was a LGBT one omg brought tears to
    eyes!! I have a girlfriend of 7 years! IMA MERRY HER ANYWAYS!!!!! I LOVE

  9. Wow, I loved this the whole way through, but when the little girl said
    “Even when you’re an angel?” I completely lost it. So beautiful! Thank you!

  10. I’ve never been so proud of anything in my life more than my way to be
    gay…coz since I was a child my dream was to explain ppl there’s nothing
    wrong with it…it’s kinda weird this dream but still it worth it !!!

  11. NEW music video cover! This is definitely my proudest project yet – in
    multiple ways! Here is “Rude” with a same sex marriage theme :)

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