41 Comments on “Mainstream Media’s Sochi Olympics Hysteria, Part 2”

  1. Is anyone in the MSM aware that in Russia, a large percentage of the public
    say that free speech isn’t their first priority? How long has Russia been
    in existence? 23 years. And in that short time frame you must be exactly
    like the States, or you’re NOT a democracy?

    If you want to improve relations with another country, start by not bashing
    their leadership and promoting hypocracy at the same time.

  2. I seem to remember RT’s obsession with missiles on roof tops during the
    2012 Olympics in London…………..

  3. Olympic athletes are showing more and more impressive results as the days
    of Sochi 2014 go by, stealing the show from the mainstream media’s
    poisonous stories that have been attempting to turn sports into politics.
    RT’s Anastasia Churkina reports.

  4. its really sickening to see the us main stream media desperately take
    swipes at Russia instead of focusing on the games. it makes them look
    childish and petty. it’s embarrassing for us Americans.

  5. You’re so right about our “mainstream” news RT. I hope it dies entirely.
    It’s used as a joke now by other news like you, the daily show, and other
    youtubers. I don’t know if many people are aware that the same reports from
    the major news corps (word for word) get handed down to your local news
    affiliates. It’s all lies or diversion,

  6. On the bright side, fewer and fewer people pay attention to the western
    mediia these days anyhow.

  7. I think this is being done to keep the attendance down so russia doesent
    make out financially. I have a feeling this is how the usa is getting back
    at them because of the whole snowden thing.

  8. If the “Glitch” is normal for the Olympics, why did Russian TV alter the
    video and hide the mistake as it happened? The fact remains, that Russian
    TV changed – altered – inserted a completely different video (possibly from
    a prior practice run) to hide the mistake. You are bashing the bashing yet
    you hid the mistake from your own people???? Hypocrites! More propaganda
    from RT. 

  9. Actually our media says that they’re getting treated perfectly over there.
    Just a tiny problem, is that the snow is melting. Predictions tells that
    the temperature will go up with 16F during the week. Little bit of rain and
    .. you only have indoor games. Action hero Putin probably will fly in some

  10. RT your guilty of these thing’s to you never ask any real questions when it
    come’s to 911 Boston bombing sandy hook instead you just talk around the
    issue even though you know YOUTUBE is blowing up with controversy over
    these events . you can not pretend to be the straight forward news till you
    ask straight forward question’s that people want asked in events like these
    Larry king had dick Cheney on and he did not ask him any real question at
    all so yes I find you guilty of the same shit and I find you to be very
    hypocritical .

  11. Here in Greece the national TV which has the rights to broadcast Sochi
    isn’t transmitting anything LIVE.
    everything is recorded and transmitted late at night, from one clock at
    night to seven o clock in the morning.
    And all the mainstream media say very little about the Olympics but lot of
    crapy gossip news.

  12. Frankly I was embarrassed by some of the reports coming out of Russia. It’s
    appalling to read some of the behaviors of those participating in the
    games. Whatever happened to being courteous and graceful?

    As for our Media, they have shown nothing but blatant disregard for the
    host country and our Russian friends. It seems that quite a few Americans’
    need a brief history lesson on Russia.

  13. Let the players play. These liberal hacks can spread there propaganda
    later. The press is a bunch of idiots.

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  15. I agree with your comments re “White noise”. We are fed this diet because
    our leaders (UK + USA) needs us to believe the diatribe the media present,
    and which successive Governments allowed them to present, so we won’t
    question said Governments too closely on their attitude to the Russians.
    Heaven forbid we find the truth out.

  16. … why do people still watch tv? I’m hoping by 2020, television takes a
    back seat to the internet. Or has it already? Last time I watched the news
    on tv, they said Osama Bin Laden was killed. I said “Oh, they got him a 6th
    time? Good for them… yeah, you keep talking, Obama…” *click*

  17. So far there’s been one story RT hasn’t covered: how pro-lgbtq activists
    are being arrested.

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