7 Comments on “Mark Ruffalo on being gay in The Normal Heart”

  1. Do not worry man, you were AMAZING in the movie! The best act!
    He deserves an Oscar fot it – I believe!

  2. I saw this movie last week and it was nothing short of amazing. What these
    poor men went through is heart breaking. It is very sad that even today
    people are criticized for the life they choose to live and I believe every
    one is equal no matter what your sexual preference is. I would be ashamed
    of anyone I know who would think differently. Mark Ruffalo was brilliant.
    You could see the heart and soul he put into the making of this film. I
    would definitely watch it again and suggest that anyone who has not seen it
    should see it. Your tears will dry eventually…

  3. Just watched it on HBO Go I just cannot get over how good Ruffalo is in the
    movie he just cannot do anything less than great 

  4. He is outstanding in this film that sheds light on SO many lost lives due
    to love and individuals being just that and deserving the right to be who
    they are regardless of race religion, gender, or whom we are attracted to.
    Love is love, period. End the nonsense… Live and let live EQUALLY! peace
    and ONE LOVE for all♡ Mark Ruffalo has once again impressed me no doubt!
    LUUUV him:)

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