11 Comments on “Marriage Cases Reach Supreme Court: Sept 10 Marriage News Watch”

  1. Amend the constitution. States have shown that throughout our republics
    history they have failed to implement many human rights issues ie slavery,
    desegregation, voting rights, and equality, and must require the oversight
    of the federal government. This again requires the federal government to
    acknowledged what we truly know: The Constitution and the 1st amendment
    clearly states that all men have these rights. Marriage cannot even be
    defined by a government , let alone restricted by one.

  2. I write here in Brazil and I think the work of clarification and help you
    make very important, not their sexual orientation diminishes you as a human
    being and not affect your character, each has the right to freedom and

  3. I’m quietly but nervously waiting for the outcome of the the Supreme Court
    Conference on September 24 relating to the Prop 8 case. No matter what
    finally happens with this appalling change to a state’s constitution it
    will be a cautionary tail for history classes as an example democracy going
    awry. This is why the founders made us a republic not a direct democracy,
    Thank you Matt for the updates.

  4. DOMA will be repealed and marriage equality be will law in all of the land.
    This is not the will of God. He has heard your affliction,Gay rights,gay
    marriage will pass and a revival in the homosexuality will be sparked. God
    says,, He will use the homosexual community to spark a revival in the
    nation. He loves you ,, come just as you are.. put your fornication and
    idols away and return to your God.

  5. lol the scottish referendum is on INDEPENDENCE not SAME-SEX MARRIAGE-
    that’s a pretty big mistake considering it has been stressed repeatedly
    that there would be no public vote on equality

  6. I’m surprised there are *any* constitutional law professors who think DOMA
    is constitutional. It violates the Equal Protection Clause of the
    Fourteenth Amendment.

  7. Jesus said, come unto me all yee that are heavy laden and i will give you
    rest, that means “ALL” not the righteous or religious, but all of us, for
    God so love the world, not just America but the whole world. that he gave
    his only begotten son, Thanks God for He is the source of Love and

  8. Thank you for the update. You have the Scottish situation slightly wrong
    however. In any part of the UK or indeed most of Europe we would never put
    an issue like marriage equality to a referendum. The parliament will vote
    on this in the next session and it is most likely to pass because there is
    cross party majority support. The referendum you are hearing about in 2014
    is a decision for the Scottish on whether they should separate from the UK
    and become an independent country.

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