8 Comments on “Marriage Comes to New Mexico: Aug 26 Marriage News Watch”

  1. We are not gay, but we fully support same sex marriage. Gay people work
    hard and pay taxes like everybody else. Why can’t same sex couples deserve
    the same right as straight ones? Having a different sexual orientation
    doesn’t make one become less than human.

  2. Thank you for being a voice of support. One issue that seems to be
    overlooked all the time, is the suppression of gay persons leads to
    bullying in the schools and from the pulpits. Too many families lose their
    loved ones and it seems others just do not care.

  3. I Vote Yes For Same-Sex Equal Marriage For New Mexico 🙂 It’s Time To
    Change And Live The Life We Love! Keep Fighting For Your Rights To Be Equal

  4. freedomtomarry[org]/blog/entry/tim-earl-after-37-years-we-cant-wait-longer-for-the-freedom-to-marry-in-our

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