3 Comments on “Marriage Equality Makes You 13% Healthier: December 19 Marriage News Watch”

  1. Loving and accepting everyone, including LGBT folks, is mentally and
    physically healthy; while anger and bigotry takes it’s toll on the heart
    and mind. I’m glad statistics are finally being calculated to measure that
    which makes intuitive sense. Great video.

  2. Women: they cry when they’re happy; they cry when you whomp ’em with
    bricks. Homosexualism wallows eternally as a universal abomination,
    especially in violation of children. As there are no righteous aspects to
    deviancy—nothing good comes from it. To champion perversion is to travel
    the low road. The degradation and desegregation of the nuclear family is
    the goal of the counterfeiters who produce the fiat money of nations.

  3. Surprise surprise, just like for straight people, marriage makes for
    healthier people who are less burdensome to the state. Now what was the
    ‘compelling State interest’ against marriage equality again?

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