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  1. I have my concerns as well Frank but what gives me the slightest glimmer of
    hope came not in the Prop 8 questioning but in the DOMA hearing. Justice
    Keagen pointed out rather elloquently why DOMA was inacted in the first
    place. Concidering all other bans on marriage equality came directly on the
    heels of this peice of steaming legislation, I maintian that Kegan was
    shedding light not only in the DOMA case but ment for that revelation to
    settle upon the Prop 8 case heard only a day before.

  2. Unfortunately, I think we will fall further down the list. But in
    retrospect, we ARE moving really fast. All we need is one more state to
    legalize marriage equality to push the amount of states past 25% (The
    Supreme Court ruling will hopefully at LEAST repeal prop 8, making it legal
    once again in California). To put it into perspective, 365 days ago, only
    six states had legal marriage equality (12%). I can see the country
    legalizing it twenty years from now (2033) if not way sooner. 🙂

  3. I think “loses” is a gross mischaracterization of the Illinois situation. I
    would say “Marriage is delayed in Illinois” is more accurate. I think that
    calling this a loss is playing into a sense of panic and anger that has
    sent the Illinois community off on a useless and petty tantrum with
    petitions for politicians to be banned from parades and such.

  4. It seems HIGHLY unlikely that the Prop 8 ruling will legalize same-sex
    marriage throughout the US. Far more likely will be a narrow decision
    applying only to CA.

  5. While exciting – progress moving rapidly, again… USA not even in the top
    ‘TEN’ – Nations with Human, Civil Rights leadership adding Marriage
    Equality. Will we be 16 or will we fall further down the list?

  6. yes, thank you for making the point. marriage equality is only one of the
    equality rights we wish people would accept as logical and obvious. Right
    to work, to live, to pursue happiness, to list a few…

  7. As a developed country, the United States brings up the rear in several
    major areas of life including education, affordability of housing, and
    infant mortality. The highly politicized social landscape in the US has
    only exacerbated the problem. Public health has taken a backseat to profits
    and children are left neglected, hungry, and uneducated. Bigotry is
    strongest amongst the least educated, the electorate often under-informed,
    while the informed fail to participate in the system.

  8. No offense to people who use it, but I really hate the phrase “gay marry”.
    We use the term “gay marriage” for a reason, but saying “gay marry” is an
    unnecessary kind of affectation, if you ask me. That’s why the term
    “marriage equality” is a much better way to express the idea that’s being
    intended. We want equal marriage, not a different kind, right?

  9. Either love wins in one fell swoop via the Supreme Court or love wins by
    going state by state. I’m starting to enjoy this. Step by step, America is
    turning its back on hate.

  10. The number of US states with legal gay marriage is similar to the nations
    that have it. Some of the those nations are relatively small and like a US
    state. To me, the US has changed much more rapidly in a shorter time. Some
    US states had gay marriage before some of the countries on that list. I’d
    still say the US is decent. The quality of the argument in the prop 8 case
    regardless of the outcome shows the robustness of your judicial system.

  11. Matt, thank you for bringing us your updates! AFER has done an oustanding
    job, and you all are commendable.

  12. Well, the US will probably beat Saudi Arabia and Uganda — by a little bit.
    And one objection — marriage has not “lost” in Illinois, in spite of what
    Brian Brown is claiming. It hasn’t been voted on yet, which will almost
    certainly happen before the end of the year.

  13. You’re right, the delayed vote is not a defeat of Marriage Equality in
    Illinois. Brian Brown, Maggie Gallagher & the rest of the Thugs from NOM
    are quite unable to speak about anything truthfully and lack any degree of

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