4 Comments on “Martin Eakes of Self Help Credit Union on NC Gay Marriage Amendment Bill | NC Now | UNC-TV”

  1. I mean, if some right-winger said, “Interracial marriage should be
    outlawed”, I’m sure most Americans would be OUTRAGED, perhaps even most
    Carolinians. But they think it’s ok to turn around and say, “Well… THIS
    minority group is subhuman and immoral, and therefore, they DON’T deserve
    the same rights we gave to blacks and other races in decades past.” It’s
    atrocious. It doesn’t hold up logically, and it makes for TERRIBLE,
    discriminatory policy.

  2. NO ONE should be allowed to vote on the civil rights of a minority group!
    NO ONE. These amendments are absolutely DISGUSTING and backwards in so many
    ways. Get a life, pro-amendment assholes. WHY do you give a fuck if gays
    get married? How does it affect YOU? Stop worrying about gay people. Stop
    demonizing them and saying you “know” how ‘bad’ it supposedly is, as if you
    yourself WERE once gay. Lol

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