25 Comments on “Max from Moldavia and his Question to Hillary about Gay Rights”

  1. I know what you mean. I’m not american is well, but still love here. Check
    out my Blog “The World of Hillary Clinton”.

  2. No She wasn’t. She was great. I was proud to be one of her supporters. lol
    at the ridiculous notion that Obama was innocent and good. I love when
    people by into the media’s race baiting narrative.

  3. she has got more bags under her eyes. She looks like she walked through the
    ugly forest and every tree took a swing at her

  4. aver donde estan estos derechos humanos ahora cuando los jovenes estan
    golpeados y arrestados por las calle de los comunistas que tanto criticais
    cuando no les comprais gas y petroleo…..

  5. If she had spoken like this during the primary, she might be the one in the
    White House today but instead, she ran a perfectly dreadful campaign and
    allowed her husband out to repeatedly play the race card.

  6. She did speak this way during the campaign…and She ran a great campaign
    there’s a reason she did so well at the end. (Bill did not play the race
    card) Too bad people were too stupid and passed her up is more like it.

  7. I watched HIllary during the campaign and she was a disgrace to the
    Democrates and I was shocked that Barack gave her a job after the things
    she did!! People saw her for what she is and that is why she lost.

  8. The country is called Moldova, not Moldavia (which is a Romanian province).
    And by the way i love Hillary!! I wish she had become president instead of
    Barack, but it doesn’t matter, she’s still doing a great job as American
    foreign secretary.

  9. For me hillary clinton is a political cadaver. She commited suicide when
    she pushed the “program of global healthcare” This type of “politics” are
    the destroyers of their countries. How is that she agree with a global
    healthcare when most americans of the working class don’t have a medical
    insurance? and all that is from the taxes that come from the exploitation
    of the working class people. This type of traitor politics must be
    eliminated from the politic

  10. I hope Hillary is successful in aiding those in such desperate need. She is
    an amazing public servant.

  11. Don’t buy this bull. Watch how the LGBT gays violate voiceless hetrosexuals
    fianceevisa dot 20m dot com

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