41 Comments on “Meghan McCain on Legalizing Marijuana, Gay Marriage and Mitt Romney’s Running Mate”

  1. This video proves that Eve is alive and well! What a scary society when the
    women are more evil than the men! God help us!

  2. that she is still finding patronage on your airways and you must be able to
    see the damage she is doing to the young demographics instinct to pay
    attention to politics for the breasts and hot women. Its not a coincidence
    that she sounds like a lazy bimbo and is successful at the same time. She’s
    been milking the act for years and because her overly entitled has never
    fallen on hard times where that act fails to work anymore is going to do it
    until people throw her out of her place and tell her

  3. I like her even though she is politically retarded. I would kick it with
    her, she actually seems like a human being.

  4. Wendy I dont like that dress, makes you look busty. and the hair… not for
    you :/ love you though! <333

  5. He didn’t end the war in Iraq. Were still there. And in Afghanistan and
    Syria is next. And marijuana should be legal it would save this country
    billions if it was legal.

  6. i’m for Obama but i do agree with her our president should be about our
    country not in the public acting like a celebrity

  7. if marijuanna makes you dizzy then it should be alowed in private places
    just like bars for drinking if it became legal, someone might accidently
    hit a normal person while driving so pay attention

  8. Never mind, you’re a religious Jebus-nut.. Forget I even replied to you..
    “Gods purpose wasn’t that to give it to them’? Unbelievable! I thought your
    God knew everything and didn’t make mistakes.? You are completely full of
    Jesus shit. You people freak me out.. I keep waiting for one of you to set
    yourselves on fire, or jump from a building in the hopes that an angel will
    catch you, and it will end up on the 6:00 news, why don’t you try that, it
    might be entertaining.. Goodbye, Christo-tard!!!

  9. I thought everybody got commercials on cable!!! Are you telling me i only
    get ads because I’m gay!?!?!?!?!? WHAT IS THIS TRAVESTY?!?!?!?!?!?

  10. No, that’s bullshit. Having job discrimination protection means nothing if
    there aren’t any jobs available for you. Don’t play that minority card – I
    am part of that minority myself, so shut it.

  11. I don’t think her father is an idiot, I think they let Meghan speak her
    mind freely and say things her parents are not allowed to say publicly for
    political reasons. It would take an enormous amount of retardation for a
    presidential candidate to sincerely be against gay marriage since they tend
    to be smart people.

  12. where`s my ::::::AFTERSHOW:::::: I run a channel here Wendy, and you are a
    roll model on it., and Vacation ? Yeah that will be nice to do the
    ::::::AFTERSHOW:::::: on vacation 🙂 luv~ya

  13. Decriminalization doesn’t necessarily equate to DUI being permissible. I do
    agree with your point that it can affect your ability to drive (I can speak
    from personal experience lol).

  14. Passing marriage equality will show that moderate Republicans such as
    Meghan McCain, Margaret Hoover and Laura Bush are right. There are three
    states that are trying to do just that. Look up the groups campaigning for
    equality on Google: Equal Rights Washington Marylanders For Marriage
    Equality -and- Mainers United For Marriage Go to their websites and lend
    them support by donating or volunteering. Wins for equality will give Megan
    McCain even more ammunition to use in the future.

  15. Omg wendy this has nothing to do with mehgan lol (sorry) I just wanted to
    say your wig and that dress today was the most! With 2 snaps and a twist
    lol blue is your color!

  16. Megan is strange doesn’t she understand where Mitt Romney stands on womens
    issues? If she is clued up then she is very subserviant to men in allowing
    them to control whether she has the right to birth control pills on her
    insurance plans or the morning after pill after she has been raped etc etc.
    Strange she seems more of a feminst who believe in equality across the
    board for women

  17. I fucking hope weed is made legal some time in the future. I’m from the UK.
    I’ve never had weed, I don’t know here to buy it!

  18. Dam she’s hot she has this lesbian drooling lol a republican that supports
    gay marriage and smokes pot I’d vote for her 😀 lol

  19. She SHOULD try to run for office – she’s the kind of Republican I would
    definitely want get behind. And yes, I do mean that both literally AND
    figuratively XD

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