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  1. I called, left a pretty good voice mail (I’m told by a staff person-Mayor
    AC Wharton?) had a voice mail set up for this purpose. I explained how no
    one chooses to be gay, & that we’re fighting for love (not sex)-assuming
    maybe they just didn’t understand. And also-as displayed by the “religious
    opposition” to the ordinance (ENDO)-is perhaps “precisely the reason” it’s
    so desperately needed. Good Luck, Thanks for making that fine speech &
    “eventually at least” we can make a difference. Dalton GA.

  2. @Clemburke1111 Thanks for the advice, but darnit… I have worked so hard
    for my place here, and I love this city and it’s wonderful food. Anyway,
    that old bible belt doesn’t go with my ass-kicking boots anymore. 😉 Most
    important is that this my home. NO ONE chases me from where I belong. No
    book, no person, no government. XOXOXOX

  3. You, my good man, are an inspiration. It makes me ashamed of the courage
    I’ve been lacking here in my own hometown. You may have created a brand new
    activist here. At the very least, you’ve inspired me to raise my voice and
    speak up. Thank you.

  4. You should be proud of your accomplishments, as I know a lot of people are
    with you – I wish you the best at gaining ground in gay civil rights.

  5. @benisturning30 oh, also there is a couple websites for LGBT people in
    Memphis as well. memphislovesgays . com , tnep . org, mglcc .org

  6. To the last comment concerning my lack of faith in a higher being, I am not
    an atheist due to anything my parents did or said. I am actually best
    friends with my mother, she is my rock. I began to question scripture when
    I was young but knew that god and religion wasn’t for me after I taught
    bible study my senor year at a lutheran summer bible school. There is
    nothing sad about not believing in a god, I am certain there are many gods
    that escape your belief as well. We are all different, so let

  7. Courageous and inspirational (and actually really hot as well). If more
    LGBT people could find it within themselves to actually give a shit and
    speak out like you did, the global situation for LGBT people would be
    entirely different. From the UK, thank-you.

  8. Where are the gay groups? Shouldn’t gay support each other? And how can you
    marry when you are an atheist? It is a religious act.

  9. @benisturning30 There are is one LGBT group fighting the good fight for
    full equality in Memphis called TEP (Tennessee Equality Project). There is
    a community center that works with many businesses and groups in the city
    to help people and families cope with the ignorance that surrounds us here
    in Memphis. As for marriage, atheists can get married. Marriage has not
    been an act soley for religious groups for decades. It is a civic right.
    You can go to the courthouse and get hitched. Take care.

  10. @killingclipart “Make no more giants, God! But elevate the human race at
    once!” ~Robert Browning Thank you for coming forward and standing up. We
    applaud your commitment to your partner and making the city of Memphis a
    better place to live, and not just walking away. Well done. Maria & Kim
    Cordova, TN

  11. Michael, coming from someone on the West Coast who also attends City
    Council Meetings and also cares a lot about his community (Long Beach), I
    applaud you to the highest oh highs. Please know that we’ve shared this
    excerpt on Facebook, because you are a prime example of what it means to be
    courageous. I cannot tell you how inspiring this is for many who live in
    such communities where fear keeps them from speaking up. I wish you a safe
    future and hopefully what you’ve done will inspire others

  12. And Gay Hero Is Born! Thanks for speaking up for all of those who haven’t
    yet found their voice!

  13. Thank you so much. Keep up the good fight. I would like to think if I still
    lived in Memphis I could be half as effective as you at telling our stories.

  14. Thanks for the response. I know if we all speak out the sound will be so
    loud that no one can deny us our rights. I do not accept that it is a
    southern mindset that does not embrace progress and love. My mother and
    grandmother are both hard working christian women and love me for who I am.
    ‘Gay is ok’ in the south now we need to get politics on board with the way
    were already living.

  15. Thank you so much. Keep up the good fight. I would like to think if I still
    lived in Memphis I could be half as effective as you at telling our stories.

  16. You, sir, have a lot of balls. Congratulations for standing up and being
    proud of who you are.

  17. Good Video..great speech……but you’d NEVER catch me living in the
    south,let alone travel there and waste my tourism dollars in a place Im not
    wanted nor welcomed.

  18. Never ceases to amaze me, how so many sodomy loving folks seem to crawl out
    from the woodwork, not even once accepting the fact, that to date not one
    shred of scientific evidence exists to say being a sodomite is inherent.
    Yet, for all their arguments, science is their cure? Being a sodomite is no
    longer about “just” sexual behaviors, it is a political push from the same
    exact sex pervs of the 60-70s to advance socialism, communism and feeble
    attempts to reach the libertarian model utopia.

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