27 Comments on “Miami Teen Taser Death: Teenage graffiti artist dies after being tasered by police in Florida”

  1. OH YEAH NICE! tazer a graffiti artist…. FUCK WITS ,
    So young and so much more life ahead of him those police should be
    LOCKED UP as a murderer they are no different them criminals accept they
    can murder legaly and everyone agrees it was alright because there police

  2. Nice to see somewhere where criminals are treated like the scum they are.
    For every crim euthansed, saves the tax payers from providing them with a
    bed and breakfast. Nice on Coppers.

  3. Lets see great kid out 5am creating art…..told to stop….ran. chances
    are he most likely did this type of stuff all the time. If he didn’t do
    this type of stuff he would be alive. Every dirtbag that gets get hurt or
    killed doing something stupid is always a piller of the community. No one
    believes that and people who look at the stuff he defaced are happy he
    died. Quit blameing everyone else but him.

  4. The spraycanboy did not deserve the death sentence for his act of
    vandalism, but he should have been apprehended and fined for the damage. A
    taser is perhaps more risky than shooting in the legs, the case of the
    running suspect. One can also decide to let the suspect go, shooting can be
    dangerous for bystanders.

  5. Sheol, Hades Tartaroo and Gehenna. The first word is Old Testament Hebrew
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  6. That criminal scumbag got what he deserved. The heroic miami police did the
    right thing by taking out the trash.

  7. fuck you! you stupid bitch i hope you burn in hell for saying such a stupid
    remark. there are plenty of murderers and rapist out there. what about the
    drug dealers? and your getting all riled up for an artist just doing what
    hes passionate about. maybe he deserved to arrested and maybe locked up for
    the night but he doesnt deserve to die thats why karma is a bitch and she
    will bite you in the ass stupid bitch kill yourself!!!

  8. “Comfort, comfort my people, says your God..” Isaiah 40:2 “Blessed are
    those who mourn for they will be comforted” Mathew 5:4 “It is mine to
    avenge; I will repay,” says the Lord.” Romans 12:19 “I am the resurrection
    and the life. The one who believes in me will live, even though they die
    and whoever lives by believing in me will never die. Do you believe this?”
    John 11:25-26

  9. oh really, don’t know what Bible you are reading from, but that’s not true.
    Everlasting is just that, everlasting, forever, without ceasing. Matthew
    18:8 Wherefore if thy hand or thy foot offend thee, cut them off, and cast
    them from thee: it is better for thee to enter into life halt or maimed,
    rather than having two hands or two feet to be cast into everlasting fire.

  10. Israeli security is very careful in apprehending stone throwing muslim
    children. The parents of the children should be fined, because they are
    responsible for the actions by their offspring. Time for the muslims in
    Israel to become decent citizens, or face the consequences.

  11. Then there is no other option than to employ athletes as police officers in
    running down fast juvenile delinquents. Or maybe a slingshot, or a
    crossbow. The crossbow has also some safety problems, as has the slingshot.
    The boy should not have made a run when he was caught. that is the simple
    fact. One graffity artist less, good riddens.

  12. He was 100% guilty, but they shouldn’t have used a tazer. If you wanna kill
    someone they should have simply held him down and executed him with their
    guns. The same exact result would have been much faster.

  13. So you’re saying they should have brutally MURDER him instead? What a piece
    of worthless scum you are. You have the same mentality as a police officer.
    Killing people resolves EVERYTHING. Am I right? I bet so.

  14. Shooting down unarmed minors for nonviolent crime. Now that’s the America
    we all want to live in. Innocent until proven guilty? Not any more. Let’s
    just throw out what little is left of our civil rights and adopt Nazi
    tactics. I think you’re like that hillbilly minister that shows up at
    funerals and shouts about them burning in Hell. At this point I would
    invite all to visit my channel and see proof that the Bible never taught
    that God burns people in Hell forever…

  15. The officer should have used his gun and shot him in the leg when he was
    fleeing from arrest. A bullet might have more repercussions than a taser,
    and the boy was guilty as hell of spraying paint. Shooting “graffity
    artists” in the leg when they are trying to flee from arrest is my solution.

  16. Welcome To The ‘New American Dream… I offer my prayers for this sweet
    boys family and friends.

  17. Fuck!Why?!Where is the problem of the society?!Sorry for my english,i’m an
    Italian writer and I’m so angry!I love graffiti!!

  18. People should educate their children not to spray paint on the property of
    others. The parents are to blame and should receive a fine for all
    “graffity” actions by their offspring.

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