2 Comments on “Michael Coren On McGuinty’s Gay Education Agenda For School Children”

  1. Great now I can’t disagree without being called homophobic and possibly
    threatened with a lawsuit or whatever. I hate it when people use the
    government to force people to accept a certain lifestyle and pass their
    self destructive laws and by they, I mean those who are trying to push gay
    marriage. I’ve even heard gay people say that gay marriage is a bad idea.
    I’m not bashing gay people, neither do I hate anyone who is gay. What I
    hate being forced to deal with two dudes kissing in front of me when I
    don’t want anything to do with it.

    but what pisses me off the most is when these liberals go into our schools
    and tell kids that it’s okay, they force schools to encourage kids to
    accept the gay lifestyle, and gay marriage etc. and threaten a lawsuit if
    the school or other institution doesn’t agree. I think that should be
    illegal. On top of that these kids are only ten and eleven years old.
    that’s too young. I think parents should learn how to teach their kids
    about sex when that time comes, not schools and not the state.

  2. Kids just need to be taught how to respect each other. There’s no need to
    bring in homosexuality behavior into the classroom. What people do and who
    they do in the privacy of their own bedroom is nobody’s business. This gay
    agenda is going too far!

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