26 Comments on “Michele Bachman is Finished– Is the GOP Done Too?”

  1. Until US politicians justify, substantiate AND validate what they think say
    and do, we are all finished. The America people have to start electing
    people of a more centrist and rational viewpoint who’s ideology can be
    swallowed without gagging. The GOP has become so irrational, divisive and
    God driven, that reasonable citizens cannot accept their actions. Practical
    solutions, simplification, sensible regulation and a reduction in per
    capita governmental load is what is required.

  2. Now she can write a few books, make a gazillion dollars and have story
    leaked about how she was taking BBC in her college days. lol

  3. But she didn’t step up. Her self hating husband told her to step up and
    run. No one should be congratulating her for anything.

  4. I like seeing Brett Erlich on shows like The Point. He is way to
    intelligent to be on Poptrigger.

  5. I don’t like that these guys are giving credit to bachmann just for being a
    woman. She was consistently batshit crazy. Being a woman who went into
    politics in a party desperate for women and minorities crazy enough to lend
    them legitimacy through how they were born is not some great accomplishment.

  6. not really, there are more liberal women than conservative women in
    congress but neither are treated as fairly as male leaders. I didn’t like
    Bachman but she played politics as good as any other politician.

  7. Michele Bachmann: hahaha Michele Bachmann’s husband: She’s a real piece of
    work. Wow!

  8. She’s got 18 months to go in her final term, which is good news. That’s 18
    months we have to investigate her and boot her ass out.

  9. I love how everything she said she “was not” leaving for were the exact
    reasons why she WAS leaving!!!

  10. Michele Bachmann can now do the same thing Sarah Palin did and make her
    stupid show about life in wild Minnesota.

  11. @0:55 Yeah…sure…does she really think we believe her? Like no
    seriously. Man what a dumb bitch.

  12. Desi is right, the extreme degree of crazy is making us think previously
    unacceptable conservative ideas are feasible.

  13. It’s all about probably losing the next time. The republicans in Arizona
    are not putting up a public vote to eliminate the medical pot because it
    will attract more progressives to the polls, cost them some seats in the
    state legislature.

  14. She isn’t an example for other womeN, cuz the GOP needs women and it’s
    harder for democratic women to get funds and supported when compared to
    conservative female candidates

  15. Plenty of people are demanding easier immigration into those countries,
    they just have much more xenophobic cultures and policies, or less
    desirable locations. European and American countries have been the first to
    deal with multiculturalism in a post-imperialist world on this scale, and
    it hasn’t been easy, but we won’t be the last.

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