43 Comments on “Michele Bachmann faces barrage of gay rights questions on Meet the Press”

  1. She still doesn’t get it…a lifestyle we chose is a personal bondage. It’s
    not a lifestyle it’s starts from the genes as in like born with blue eyes
    or black hair! And, this is coming from a woman that claims smoking pot
    makes a person gay. We’ll then there would be a lot more gay babies around.
    By the way Michelle, does your girly sounding closet homo power bottom
    HUBBIE smoke pot? 

  2. that was enjoyable…he did a great job of pulling her stinking guts right
    out of her… what an unbelievably retarded asshole she is…let’s raise a
    glass to her impending unemployment

  3. this isnt even entertaining she is just stupid… im going back to bill
    oreilly videos… not that hes any less stupid he just is a much bigger
    asshat than she is

  4. US politics:
    This is an old video but it’s really good. She is so bad at avoiding

  5. hahhah…what a weasel…and she was re=elected into congress….wow

    for anyone interested, come check out “what have you done?”

  6. Typical hypocrite and one dangerous individual! Had she been elected it’s
    possible she might have imposed legal restrictions against gays, then she
    might have attacked non Christians, etc. Just the way Hitler operated his
    unspeakable genocide and putting gays in death camps! Think it can’t
    happen in the USA? Japanese were made to move to internment camps in
    WWII! 62% of them were American citizens!

  7. “it (being gay) leads to the personal enslavement of individuals (…)”
    …said the woman that was never allowed to form a worldview of her own.
    that’s what i call a “…very sad life”

  8. Deny, deny, deny.
    Or rather, “Never ADMIT to anything !”
    They (both parties) will say ANYTHING to promote their beliefs knowing that
    the sheep will follow. And anyone that disagrees with what their chosen
    spewer says is always craftily spun as “un-American”.
    “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually
    come to believe it.”
    And who said that !? Look it up.

  9. She is a hypocrite. She can (and did) marry a gay man, and could choose to
    marry in any one of 50 states, and her “gay marriage” is recognized by all
    50 as well.
    We have what? 13 states. (so far).
    Her days are numbered in D.C…..and I can’t wait to hear the REAL reason
    why she announced this is her last term

  10. I wonder if that how she selected her husband 1) do you uphold the
    constution 2) are you competent 3) do you share my views… BAHAHAHHA! 

  11. She’s one more proof: education is not required to become a politician.
    What a numbskull she is!!

  12. Guys, two important things to remember: she’s running for presidency of the
    United States and shes not running to be anyones judge.

  13. GOP wackos seem to be two a penny nowadays, if the party doesn’t cleanse
    itself of these religious extremists they’ll never get back in power, and
    rightly so. Haters like Bachmann and Santorum should be in a southern
    pulpit with their evil rhetoric not the national stage, they are an
    international embarrassment.

  14. She got caught & can’t get out of her ridiculous comments. Be who you want
    to be and stand by your words when you say them. That is the problem with
    these idiots like her & duck dynasty. Recanting what you said makes you
    stupid & not brave.

  15. SHE WONT SAY IT ! damn this lady.. what a fucking hypocrite with the
    cabinet thing if she hired someone gay.. wow i can’t believe this 

  16. What a buffoon! Bachmann, she is not even able to defend and stand for her
    own words,

  17. *SHAME* ON MN! I dont care where in the state you’re from. It’s a flaky
    pasty white state lol. Point is u ALL kept re-electing this demonic (most
    likely closeted bull dkye lesbo herself!) over and over. Fck C*ckman and

  18. BOOM! from 3:12 he had her by the bollocks (so-to-speak), with her dated
    views and slippery mouth, it would be dangerous to have her a president!!

  19. She wants to run the free world, but can’t answer a simple question about
    marriage? Coward!

  20. This lady is one GIGANTIC FUCKING CUNT ASSED WHORE. Like really dude, she
    is a piece of work.

  21. This woman….uggh (somehow I find her words judgmental although she
    appears to think them not so)

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