34 Comments on “Michelle Obama Goes After Heckler, Gay Rights Activist Heckles FLOTUS at Fundraiser”

  1. What rights are gays not already privileged to? A state defined marriage is
    a privilege, don’t kid yourself otherwise…

  2. You know… I was with you until you started putting people in a box. Black
    people aren’t against gays. You are watching too much TV or YouTube instead
    of getting on the street or taking trips, getting out and talking to
    people. But seriously, a politician is a politician. You seem smart enough
    to not claim a side. Vote for what suits you and the ones love.

  3. There was a large Black and Hispanic turnout to vote against gay marriage
    in CA, fact. look up the stats

  4. The only funny thing about this post is the “shot of the day ”
    bit…because whenever I hear nonsensical crap like this, the speaker is

  5. The unemployment rate jumped from 7.5% to 7.6% on Friday. Unemployment
    rates in the inner city and for minorities is 2 to 3 times the national
    average. look again

  6. Hey Kev, where is the vid. I found one identified as the one but it only
    includes part of the speech with no conflict.

  7. How many menopausal male windbags spend their every waking moment moaning
    on about shit!!! on youtube If we plug’em into the power network bang goes
    the next energy crisis. That’s when they are not pointlessly vacillating
    about some bogus conspiracy plot , these guys could find a major conspiracy
    story in a knitting pattern !!!!

  8. its called evolution ..we all start somewhere ..minds evolve our bodies
    evolve ,,,ten years ago i only cared about video games and getting laid but
    as time progress my mind does as well – ive always thought politics were
    for old people but now i actually enjoy politics my views on life and
    events at 20 is farr different at 34 as prez, obama is more conscious of
    human rights and dignity– i as a gay man ap·pre·ci·ate that though u may
    think im nasty because im gay but to each his own

  9. Vladimir Lenin legalized homosexuality in the Soviet Union in 1922. First
    modern day country to do so. Of course, Stalin fucked Lenin over with every
    one of his fascist policies. So, no. Communism didn’t and doesn’t always
    hate homosexuals.

  10. Two possible explanations: Either this was a completely orchestrated stunt
    or it is a perfect example of the new lib. buzzword “Bullying.”

  11. Jesus may think I’m an A-Hole but his Dad thinks I Rock!!! God loves him
    some Creepy-Ass Cracka!!!

  12. I don’t get it with white folks…One minute you want the Obamas to show
    some balls as it pertains to pertient issue for this country and when they
    do it, you guys say there too agressive or you have some slick comment
    about the Obamas being aggresive. this is one of the main reason we as
    black take issues with you guys. Also, the comment you made about Blacks
    and Gay right is so incorrect. The black community has ALWAYS been
    accepting of gays. Accepting in our communities and homes.

  13. . Take a trip to Norway so you understand what universal healthcare is, you
    right-wing doucebag .

  14. I think you took a few too many shots before starting your video because
    what you say is complete rubbish.

  15. There are still 4 million more people without jobs than in 07. The
    Immigration Bill will double the unemployment in black communities

  16. michelle obama hate gays, jussa no guud homophobe! I votid Obama cus he
    pro-gay, NOT his dumazz gay-bashin wifey, fuck dat anti-gay black hoe, she
    hate gay thugs juss ike me im giva dam bout michelle, tha first lady can
    suck my proud gay HIV+ cock!! gay rites above all other rites, nothing else
    matta moar in merica than us gays gettin are muthafuckin rights legalise!!
    nationwide gay marriage, gay adoption of lil kiddys, an outlaw religious
    bigotry! but fuck michelle obama, she a 2 bit gaybully!!

  17. Barry has no gravitas, but Michelle has no class. The White House has done
    a good job of keeping Michelle out of the limelight for the last four
    years, and based on her pathetic performance today, she should be shielded
    from public view for the next four.

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