7 Comments on “Michelle Obama Heckled by gay LGBT protester, confronts heckler at fundraiser speech”

  1. We like the speech but where was the stupid heckler that’s why we wanted to
    watch it

  2. All I saw was some nigger blabbing about some dumb shit.. where’s the

  3. GWO shut your uneducated mouth, as a gay I think you are trashing and
    smearing the GLBTQ community with your fractured english. Go back to
    school, take some English classes and write things like a human being. I
    appreciate your effort, unless you are just a troll acting like a dumbass
    making the rest of us look bad. How can anyone take you seriouzzzly wen u
    tlk lk disssss?!

  4. So you post this video to then post a second link to a video that
    supposedly shows the heckling part? And that link is defunct? ALL VIEWERS:
    SKIP THIS VIDEO. It is mistitled and misleading.

  5. michelle obama hate gays, jussa no guud homophobe! I votid Obama cus he
    pro-gay, NOT his dumazz gay-bashin wifey, fuck dat anti-gay black hoe, she
    hate gay thugs juss ike me im giva dam bout michelle, tha first lady can
    suck my proud gay HIV+ cock!! gay rites above all other rites, nothing else
    matta moar in merica than us gays gettin are muthafuckin rights legalise!!
    nationwide gay marriage, gay adoption of lil kiddys, an outlaw religious
    bigotry! but fuck michelle obama, she a 2 bit gaybully!!

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