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  1. I am surprised and disenchanted with Bette’s opinion, even being of two
    minds, because of her rationalization. “Gay men like to move around?”
    Meaning what, that it’s hard for them to be monogamous and so we should
    consider that maybe they shouldn’t be allowed to marry? Did I understand
    that correctly? Because from my perspective as a Christian, straight
    woman, gay men that are not able or willing to be monogamous are that way
    because they are men, not because they are gay.

    The problem with this rationalization is that no straight man… whether
    they are marrying their long time girlfriend or just got drunk in a casino
    in Las Vegas and stumbled into the Elvis wedding chapel with an almost
    empty champagne bottle clutched in their grasp… is asked “does this guy
    intend to be monogamous or will he be moving around from bed to bed to
    nightclub bathroom stall to back alley behind the dumpster.” Nobody asks a
    straight guy’s intention when deciding if he has THE RIGHT above all else
    to make the decision to marry.

    The problem with Bette’s rationalization is that gay men, and women, should
    not be held to a different standard of consideration because of an abstract
    ideal. The only question should be “should this *___* guy have the right
    to marry.” The “gay” or the “straight” should not be the differentiating

  2. “Who does it hurt?” Not exactly a ringing endorsement for equality.
    Bette, if you’re reading this: without gay men, you would be saying, “You
    want fries or baked potato with that?”

  3. Damn this is a disappointing view she gave. Basically generalizing that gay
    men can’t commit or be faithful. I would never have expected her to say
    these things.

  4. do you know how many STRAIGHT men CHEAT? Almost ALL cheat ! They all go to
    GoGo Bars full of naked women cheating from their wives, They all watch
    porn and masturbate to it cheating from their wives. A lot swing partners.
    So to say gay men are frolicky but straight men are not is ON DRUGS.

    Half of straight men who marry DIVORCE. Where is the sanctity of marriage
    there? Many straight men rape their daughters. Where is the sanctity there?

  5. Bette is well acquainted with the fact that even straight married men
    cheat. Personally acquainted, in fact. In her own words, it will be
    interesting to see how that works out.

  6. Interesting how religious people think they own marriage when its a fact,
    marriage was around long before their books!

  7. I’m gay and love God and when they ask Dolly Parton is gays should marry
    and the legend Dolly Parton said ” “Sure, why can’t they get married? They
    should suffer like the rest of us do,” and Dolly loves God but if you
    really love God and Dolly said I love in ones heart for goodness and gay
    or not Dolly said be what God made you and do it with a loving heart..Dolly
    its so ture!!

  8. I seem to be late to the party on this one… Bette Midler I have been such
    a fan of yours for so long… I remember shopping with my aunt–the ‘cool
    one’ of the family when I was 9 years old and asking her to buy me the tape
    of Some People’s Lives and my mother catching me listening to it later and
    expressing that she felt ‘Moonlight Dancing’ was “interesting”. Never in a
    million years would I have ever anticipated you expressing even a single
    hesitation that gays should be married when asked. I am completely
    surprised and terribly disappointed. The fact that you wouldn’t
    immediately stand up on this issue is a huge let-down. I’m just in shock.
    Thank you very much for coming around later, in the media… but
    “I…don’t forgive you”.

  9. if this was from 2003, then I forgive her, a lot has happened since then
    !!!!!!!!!! sorry I didnt read the year this was from .

  10. she shouldnt wonder about “committment” , she should have said if they are
    ready for the committment then gay marriage is appropriate for that certain
    couple. I was surprised , it didnt seem she thought it out well enough.
    Llove her but she likes to talk off the cuff and she thinks she’s so smart.
    But I do love what she provides as entertainment.

  11. Bette Midler is a good jewish woman, with the guts to just be honest,notice
    how she said oh did I get that question wrong because she gave a
    thoughtfull answer rather than just the basic mantra, condoning it calling
    it marriage as per the media.She just went up in my estimation.

  12. Marriage is between a man and a woman which recognises pro creation…gays
    can’t pro create…so they have no ‘right’. They can have a civil union.
    Separate but equal. 

  13. This was from like 2003 she has since clarified that she is 100% in support
    of. Here she was mainly Pro Same-Sex Marriage in a Civil aspect, she just
    seemed weary in regards to people’s Religion… which as always is a
    personal matter….

  14. Well, you, miss obviously catholic can kiss my tush! (you should be ashamed
    of your self for being so fucking close-minded!)

  15. Why make all the difference? We are all people. It’s all about respect. And
    not forced to accept.

  16. Weird… I don’t remember choosing to be gay, neither do the gay people I

  17. For those against us having marriage rights Bette got civil married not
    religious. The whole point is there are tons of different marriages. If 2
    people love each other it hurts no one. Strangers marry every day. Get off

  18. i think her view of gay men has been tainted by working in “bath houses”.
    Will gay men be faithful?! you could say that about heterosexual men! its
    the individual person not lumping all gay men as players!!

  19. Completely lost respect for her. ‘Gay men like to play around, that’s the
    fun of being a gay man’. She doesn’t think we can make a commitment? Let us
    now stereotype Jewish people and see if she thinks it’s acceptable and

  20. She struggled a bit, finding it hard to commit to marriage equality. But I
    can understand the issue people take with faith, it’s just that marriage is
    a governmental institution, at least in the western world. Brands of faith
    shouldn’t come into it. The gay side (my side) has a couple certainties,
    i.e. we’re proven to exist, we’re born gay meaning it wasn’t a life style
    choice (religion is), we can’t change and we’d like to make the same
    commitment. What are the religious certainties?

  21. Romans 1 Lord help her. She was spinning the whole time. She made it sound
    like a civil vow meant nothing. There you go. Empty talk. Tries to be a
    good Jew. LOL Does she even hear herself?

  22. Sorry about my mom dude, she goes on my account sometimes, says she didnt
    even mean to reply to you.LOL

  23. Hurray for Bette!!!! She knows who helped get her start in showbiz…We
    good ole’ gays did!!!

  24. Well, tell your ‘mom’ that of those 900 choices people make a day, none of
    them happen to be that of sexuality. The same way I don’t wake up in latino
    mood and turn brazilian. Also, her comment was rather specific to my
    comment’s context, but hey, those coincidences, right? 😉

  25. Interesting opinions. Someone has to respect their ideas. Gay men… my
    opinion.. should not play up if married, or stay single or in an
    open unmarried arrangement.
    Now comes the thought of offspring, well Gay men can’t produce children as
    an impossibility, so not sure on adoption laws. However, If gay men marries
    and adopts children, they should remain faithful as playing up does not set
    a very good example to the children. No not at all. So gays remember that.
    My friend has Jewish background, but she is a liberal Jew.

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