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  1. Mike Gravel does not understand middle eastern politics! If he does not
    understand that then he should not be president! Ron Paul has the best
    strategy for the middle east by far! The “terrorist” attack the US because
    they support israel and have military bases all over the middle east.

  2. Really!? I have got positive feedback 90% of time. My posts are based on
    facts and not on perception. And btw none of them are mindless but opinions
    based on solid researches. And the quantity is coming from sheer dedication
    to the cause RP is fighting for. He has 50+% of all GOP straw polls and
    raised 10.4+ million dollars in the last 62 days. And RP dedicates his
    success to such grassroot efforts. Such efforts are not called spamming.

  3. Nato is a military alliance and the US does not need it =) I mean your
    military budget is 20 times as big as RUSSIA!!! If you just take your
    military away from all the countries where you have military bases and tone
    it down a bit nobody is going to attack you! Defend the homeland! Answer?

  4. The only thing Paul is spouting is what progressives have been saying all
    along, That is nothing new. Gravel essentially is saying the same things
    about military withdrawls. Learn how to read. None excuse me, but does he
    want out of the Geneva conventions and treaties. Paul does a lousy job of
    defining non interventioness policies. You folks trip all over his words,
    but never ask pointed questions. Cant keep being this stupid.

  5. Of course you were. I was searching for Ron Paul videos. I like Mike
    Gravel’s views but I am a Ron Paul supporter. Why? That’s a noontrivial
    matter. We are looking for candidates whose video will show when searched
    by their name and not somebody else’s.

  6. That is an empty slogan that means absolutely nothing. You have to fight
    for freedom, it is not given to you, Paul doesnt understand this. The best
    way to do this is the vote for NI4D to empower yourself as a citizen.

  7. “do you take this man to be your lawfully wedded wife?” lol even if you
    did, it still wouldnt be marriage. You have to call it something else. Call
    it gayriage for all i care. Because its no longer marriage if its not
    between a man and a woman. “gayrried” people should have the same rights as
    married people. But they dont need the title of “married” in order to have
    that. Gayried works just fine!

  8. I just want all the ron paul fans to see mike gravel and open their minds a
    little bit more. I wasn’t just trying to get more search results.

  9. You brought up a lot of interesting points with this video. They all
    reminded me of why I’m voting for Dennis Kucinich. He really does have a
    chance. Gravel would make an excellent VP.

  10. Goody for you, but I dont your numbers. This is a bunch of spammers who are
    flooding the internet and pissing people off. You get hurt your cause, not
    help it. Hope you enjoy it while you can, because Rudy is going to take it
    all away from you.

  11. Mike is a man ahead of his time.His honesty and progressive visionary
    thinking are a gift to humanity.When America is overpowered by fascisim and
    becomes a police state voices will cry out why did we not listen to the
    voice of truth.

  12. haha you are an idiot….fruit flies haha…that is what you americans
    compare yourself to? gosh!!

  13. Then you really dont have a clue lol. Ron Pual is a good man, but hes only
    a shadow of Mike Gravel or Dennis Kucinich

  14. Everything I see about Mike Gravel shows he has real character.
    Unfortunately the rest are all busy with their political positioning. It is
    a shame that we pick leaders that way.

  15. Its not just about gay marriage – its about CIVIL RIGHTS AND LIBERTIES. I
    guess we could have said “why are so many people worried about slavery? We
    need more cotton.” Or “who cares if black and whites have different
    drinking fountains?” It is the same idea. Gays and lesbians are being
    presented and treated like second-class citizens and this is just one of
    the MANY things wrong with our country that Mike can help solve. Gravel 08
    – for peace, love, democracy, freedom, truth…

  16. there’s not any gay animals in nature, is there? reproduction of species is
    the design of the male and female in all aspects. But there’s a flawd
    species and it’s us, and that’s why this planet is in turmoil. Not one
    person can say otherwise. I know about the species that have both sex
    organs and there purpose is to reproduce.

  17. americans are stupid what the hell is this gay marriage crap. looks like
    there is no limit to stupidity for americans. your economy is in recession
    and idiots are focusing on GAY marriages.

  18. See this is the kind of bullshit that I am talking about with this phony
    sympathy. Look first state your reasons or get off, second quit spamming.

  19. Here is a courageous human being talking about the need for more love in
    society! He’s not supporting gay marriage because he wants to appeal to a
    certain constituency and garner power. He does this because he is a loving
    human being! His presidential candidacy is truly a gift. Look what we COULD
    have instead of what we DO have if we only truly wanted it and that means
    working for it instead of complaining that it’s not possible.

  20. Great supporter vid. Enjoyed it immensly. Could you tell me what the song
    is called that you used as background music?

  21. Drop the jingo-ist crap about Ron Paul and freedom, will you? You give your
    candidate and the notion of freedom a greedy, bratty quality. Who’s going
    to GIVE power & freedom to the people, MORE THAN any other candidate,
    including your precious Dr. Paul? MIKE GRAVEL Empower the American people!

  22. I would just rather see an entire debate about the war, and an entire
    debate about the incoming dollar meltdown. These are issues reaching
    critical and will destroy this country very soon if we continue to ignore
    them. Gay marriage is not at all essential to the survival of our republic,
    so it honestly confuses me why they make it out to be such a huge issue.
    Same with many of the other party “talking points”.

  23. If we’re still talking about gay rights after the dollar implodes, this
    nation will officially be an insane asylum. I dont see any gay oppression
    in this county. Infact I see a steady increase of gay content in the
    mainstream media. Not saying its a bad thing but im wondering how far you
    people want it to go, and why is it a bigger deal than war or the dollar? I
    mean gay people are dieing in Iraq and gay people use the US dollar, too.

  24. what exactly does that mean? I’m seriously confused. Do gay and lesbian
    people not have rights in this country? Can they not already express their
    sexuality? What should a president do for the gay community differently.

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