30 Comments on “Miley Cyrus ‘Can’t Be Tamed’ in Spain”

  1. “i’m a spiritual person.. the core of my religion is love” .. WOW, THAT IS
    SOOO DIFFERENT than who she was like 2 years ago. What happened to “I WANNA
    now sugarcoating that with “love” as her religion? ALOT has changed since
    then, hasn’t it miley? SMH

  2. i dont get it y do miley cyrus hater go on her video’s watch the hole thing
    and then put bad comments wats the point dont like her dont watch

  3. She’s kinda flippant with the term “best friend”. Not saying a person can’t
    have more than one “best friend”, but it kinda cracked me up, for some
    reason, in this video.

  4. @motorbike12kool Hey!!!…try to speak spanish and then tell me if you
    don’t sound funny,jajaja…. I am just kidding… I am not trying to
    fight!!! jajaja….

  5. @lindamarie19 Well its obvious she’s not putting it out there that she’s
    CHRISTian anymore. Now its “love”. Next year its gonna be “oh I dont have a
    specific religion I just know there’s a God” and downhill from there. Wow.
    I truly thought she was a girl with strong morals. Proved me wrong Miley,
    you really did.

  6. @HannahForever1234 Um…. first of all, knowing her is being close to her,
    knowing all her secrets, everything about her, so unless you are her best
    friend, YOU DON’T KNOW HER! Second, How could she be a bad person? She is
    talented, pretty, and successful.If she was a bad person she wouldn’t be
    travelling round the world on tours with screaming fans and paparazzi
    begging for a photograph! And finally she doesn’t take drugs or smoke or
    anything thats just offensive.

  7. Miley is not Hannah! She is Miley Cyrus! Hannah was a role she play when
    she was 13! Get over it! I ♥ YOU MILEY!

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