6 Comments on “Minibuzz Uganda Is homosexuality a human right? EPS#112 Part-1”

  1. Part 1- What people fail to say regarding the religion/homosexual issue is
    that Religion is a CHOICE/etc. (The “Homosexuality is a choice/not genetic
    and can be changed/ etc” view seems to be always mentioned and used to deny
    rights for the GLBT community.) Science has not proven that
    religion/religious beliefs are a permanent part of person (a “Religion”
    Gene). Religion/ religious beliefs can be changed/altered through various
    ways-therapy/self exploration/etc, unlike a person’s race, age, etc.

  2. Part 2- Since Conservative Christians are not born Conservative Christians,
    they use recruitment/seduction (the recruitment/seduction words are a words
    that have been used by some Conservative Christians when describing the how
    Gay community has gotten others to join GLBT fight for equality/etc in
    Uganda/etc) to increase their numbers. Most Conservative Christians
    recruit/ seduce men/women and children in various places (street/street
    corners/etc) and through various ways (preaching/etc).

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