12 Comments on “Miss Belize Miss World 2008”

  1. u have one of the most intelligen and simple speahes from all the girls
    that competed.. and u re beautiful too congrats

  2. you are sooo beautiful!!come to new york some time and i will get you
    modeling work…..paulie from long island ,new york

  3. You are very pretty and seem very nice. I worked with a girl from Belize
    and she was not nice. Good luck in all you do!

  4. been in belize 2 years ago and loved it!!nevertheless you are absolutely
    beautiful,and what a great personality….come to new york some time and i
    will see about you getting some modeling work…..admirer from long

  5. hey am proud of had having you represent us ..sooo cool. your beautiful and
    seem humble,,hope ure doing fine wherever you are,, bak dah bze yet??

  6. Mamacita……..very nice and well done! I am so proud to been raced in
    Guatemala thinking Belize was part of Guatemala..(which now I know better)
    I feel some what very proud and at the same very happy for all my Belizian
    friends….. Mucha suerte y espero que sigas haci de humilde en
    personalidad pero con hambre feros para alcansar tus metas……………

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