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  1. SHE voiced her opinion basically. I’m so proud of her. Perez Hilton needs
    to put a sock it it.

  2. @Zyce14 Our country, in fact, does not operate on the pure basis of
    Christian beliefs. It operates on the separation of Church and State.

  3. “im glad she stood up for christian beliefs because thats what our country
    was founded on and thats how it got this far.” Uhm, no. This country was
    not founded on Christianity. It has progressed IN SPITE OF and IN CONSTANT
    BATTLE with Christian beliefs. Christian beliefs gave us slavery,
    oppression of women, the KKK and racist jim crow laws. Liberals have been
    correcting the wrongs of the conservative religious right all the way back
    to the (liberal Deist) Founding Fathers. Get a clue

  4. He shouldn’t have asked the question, if he didn’t want to hear the answer.
    I am 100% behind her. She stayed true to who she is. Obama also believes
    marriage should be between a man and a woman and I don’t see people
    speaking out against him so rudely and disrepectfully. Good for her…now
    that is one strong woman.

  5. she should have said, people in America should have the right to marry
    anybody because its a free country. We should not judge anyone by the
    person they want to love.

  6. in no offense to anybody…: you’re dumb, you mentally ugly ! HOW can this
    be not offensive … just putting a “no offense to anybody” in front of it
    does not make it not offensive. But if she lost the title over it, she’s
    served. As Miss America it’s not your job to present your own opinion – you
    are supposed to represent your country. I’m just glad that what you say as
    a miss america candidate actually matters – sometimes even more than your

  7. God tested you? How can anyone honestly beleive that. Read up on the
    metaphyscial theodicy, if God’s hand is so instrumentla in our lives then
    he is not only the cause of everything good and holy but also evil. Ut oh!

  8. @prayforthegaycure Carrie ACTIVELY worked to defeat GAY MARRIAGE rights
    already in existence. Carrie DISCRIMINATED against gays and lesbians.
    Carrie took the RIGHT to marriage from her own lesbian sister, mother and
    father. Carrie worked hard to HURT gays. How is that NOT bigoted? Would it
    have been OK if Carrie had ACTIVELY worked to keep segregation alive back
    in the 60s, when the nation was still divided about EQUALITY for
    “non-whites” who had been mistreated and hurt by unfair laws?

  9. @socialmoo i do not educate myself the world’s standards and “facts” about
    life issues, i rely on God’s TRUE word the Bible. Read and see the truth.

  10. Ignorant bitch! You want to make God proud? Stop judging others and just
    show love and understanding to your fellow man, that’s what Christianity
    should be.

  11. You didn’t win did you? I hope one day the civil rights of the GLBTI
    community are acknowledged.

  12. It was a stupid question. Perez has since stated that she should have
    answered the ? talking about states’ rights rather than address the gay
    marriage issue. He is a buffoon. She gave a decent answer and the stupid
    pageant punished her for not being for homos. A pox on the pageant and
    Donald Trump. A pox on Perez, he is the bitch.

  13. @kickitup29 Congrats on getting your historical facts straight, but I don’t
    think it matters what our country was built on. We should be paying
    attention to what has WORKED for this country. The U.S. was never an
    automatic success from the beginning, so it makes no sense to maintain its
    exact initial structure. We’ve learned from our successes and mistakes. We
    know now from previous conflicts that distillation of church and state is
    very important. Now we need to use what we’ve learned.

  14. Exactly. Her answer should have been along the lines of: “While my personal
    religious beliefs are against same sex marriage, I must accept that in a
    free and modern country based on secular laws and principles, we need to
    protect equal rights for all of our citizens. Therefore, I believe that all
    50 states should certainlyy follow suite and legalize same sex marriage. If
    the USA wishes to remain an example to the world in the 21st century, we
    need to look to the future instead of the past.”

  15. Why do gays want to marry in the first place? It not really a serious
    issue, com’ on people. Im do not understand being gay at all and I never

  16. i love her response and i’m glad she stood up for her beliefs and didnt
    faulter to try and please people “hint, hint” and i’m praying for Pereze to
    come to his senses and relize God did not make him to be the way he is!

  17. I totally agree im glad she said that, and sprocket003 i agree with you too
    that was an unfair question, but at the same time im glad she stood up for
    christian beliefs because thats what our country was founded on and thats
    how it got this far. : )

  18. @imax1971 Being heterosexual isn’t normal, just common. What is your aim
    anyway? You know that nobody ever turns gay or straight. You are what you
    are, and no “public opinion” will change that. Can you live with facts, or
    are fantasies a necessary part of your life? Nobody wants you to be what
    you’re not. Are you insisting OTHERS change to please YOU? Stop the
    bullying. Your anti-gay feelings are your problem. Live with it. Equality
    isn’t asking your permission, it will come without you!

  19. Ignorant bitch! You want to make God proud? Stop judging others and just
    show love and understanding to your fellow man, that’s what Christianity
    should be.

  20. Ho anthropomorphic can you get, superimposing what you see as moral or
    immoral, into God’s will? So many blind believers are too ignorant to even
    understand what they preach. Congrats your a god-awful theologian. Its not
    an issue of Judea-Christian principels being the dictum for government law.
    The seperation of Church and state is the foundation of country, this is a
    civil liberties issue. Can I remind you that Christians fought hard for the
    ban on blacks and whites.

  21. Sure she’s entitled to her opinion. However, she is everything that is
    wrong with conservative Christians. Not everyone believes in God.
    Seriously, do we really want someone representing our country who openly
    alienates certain citizens? She is the epitome of everything that is wrong
    with close-minded Americans. And just cuz you say you don’t mean to be
    offensive, doesn’t mean you aren’t. I’m from CT and yes, we have gay
    marriage, and no, we have not imploded because of it.

  22. Yes! Her words at the end there are so inspiring. Everyone is entitled to
    their own opinion. We are supposed to have freedom of religion, speech, and
    conscience, and no one should be discriminated against on that basis. She
    was not discriminating at all in her answer, but stating her thoughts and
    beliefs. I wish the mainstream news would show Hilton’s ranting clip he
    made on his blog where he called her obscene names, to show his
    discrimination in full force.

  23. reflex,What does lack of tolerence have to do with winning Miss USA?! Are
    you saying that Miss USA should be tolerant of everything? What if the
    question had been about pedophiliacs, should she be “tolerant” of them too?
    Oh, and btw, in the US, civil rights are usually thought of in terms of the
    specific rights guaranteed in the Constitution: freedom of religion,
    speech, the press, and rights to due process of law and equal protection
    under the law…look it up before you type!

  24. @Splendora93 You do realize that the word ‘is’ (here employed in your
    sentence, “God did not make him to be the way he is”) inherently means a
    natural state of being. A state of being may be shrouded by behavior, but
    at its core it cannot be altered. Sexuality is no choice, nor is it a
    contrivance. I hope that you and others who have the same flaws in their
    conceptions of facts can educate themselves a little bit better.

  25. She is not homophobic in my opinion. The pageant is filled with homosexuals
    and if ever she is one, i’m sure she did not go far and win titles.

  26. “Stick up for your beliefs and never compromise” is the WORST advice you
    can tell any person. Democrat OR Republican. Everyone needs to work
    together and compromise.

  27. U GO GIRL!! perez is disqusting. i always saw him working his fat buttie
    off at the gym at our apt complex. he’s probably just hating on ms Ca bc
    she’s Gorgeouuuus and he’s unfortunately gay. She’s already gotten way more
    attention then the new miss usa so honesty obviously pays off!!!

  28. She is my hero, finally someone with the courage to speak the truth about
    perversion. It is self evident man was created to be with a woman not a
    man. No amount of homoganda will ever change that.

  29. @LouisianaCityboi what the??? where was she judging PEOPLE? she has her
    opions about the act of homosexuality, she was not passing judgement on
    people. What a silly statement. Stop confusing her biblical standpoint on
    the act of homosexuality with how she feels about the people. I can say I’m
    against polygamy, i’m not judging the people, i’m judgine the act from what
    i belive the bible says. Its so frustrating that anyone against homosexual
    marriage is branded judgemental.

  30. “That’s the way you explain it to yourself?”? Matt Lauer was a bit eh, too.
    A beauty pageant should not be judged on a personal opinion like that. She
    should be recognized for her honesty.

  31. let there arise out of you a band of pepole inviting to all that is good
    enjoining what is right and forbiding what is wrong, they are the ones to
    attain felisity.-HOLY QURAN.-3:104. GOD does not care how you look but what
    is in your hart.You ting you lost, I dont ting so. Weed the truth you
    always a winner AND DONT BE SCARED……

  32. @Fl4dd3rm0uz not everyone in this country agrees with gay marriage she was
    being honest she shouldnt be looked down apon just because she didn’t give
    the answer people want to hear

  33. Her answer wasn’t the best but I think she shouldn’t have been judged like
    that by Perez Hilton… If he wasn’t agree with her, he should have said it
    with respect but what he did just show that he’s inmature and he’s a closed
    mind person. I’m not against gay marriage but I think that ther are better
    ways to ask for the rights…

  34. Actually, the Seperation of Church and State was not one of the beliefs our
    country was built on. It was merely said in a speech by Thomas Jefferson
    years later. In Fact, George Washington believed, and stated in his
    farewell address that he believed religion is necessary for the success of
    this country.

  35. @akrifasouth Ok, well your point is well taken, so in that case, i do get
    what your saying.

  36. homophobic bitch, she should revalue her standards that, instead of
    fighting against homosexuality, she should raise founds little kids in
    Africa Dying.

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