27 Comments on “Mitt Romney Gets Ass Handed to Him by Gay Veteran in New Hampshire”

  1. And how was Mitt Romney supposed to know that guy was gay? He didn’t act
    gay (unlike the host of this program! LOL.).

  2. I doubt Romney is sorry for his honest answer and I didn’t see an “ass
    handed” either. Today, a Christian cannot have an opinion without being
    attacked. I am not a Romney supporter, Gowdy is who I hope to see run, but
    I won’t attack his Christian based belief either. God bless him.

  3. Is that what’s next?!? One man, one broom? Where do we stop this travesty?
    Hand-brooms? Dust pans? MOPS?!? It’s makes me want to cry to some deity the
    road this country is headed down! (That is what your slippery slope
    argument sounds like Christians. News flash! Just because an activity is
    legal it doesn’t mean it’s manditory! If you are not a fan of abortion,
    then don’t get one. If you don’t support gay marriage, THEN DON’T GET GAY
    MARRIED! But stop telling the rest of us what we can or can’t do because of
    your beliefs.)

  4. God and the bible were created because people were afraid of death.

    Easy as that.

    I’m 13 and i’m being raised as a Catholic, I honestly don’t know how people
    believe this shit.

  5. David Pakman, I know that, sadly, you’re not gay, but could you at least
    give it try once in a while? My birthday’s in June. :-)

  6. I’m not a romney supporter but at least he gave a straight answer whether
    you agree with it or not.

  7. Romney did not repeal same sex marriage in Massachusetts[The first State to
    pass it as law] when He was Governor in the State. Now He says He will,
    then says, He will not in another interview later.

  8. I’m sorry David Pakman, I can’t easily imagine being a 60-something year
    old gay vietnam veteran out at dinner with my husband in New Hampshire. It
    just… surpasses my ability.

  9. To tell the truth I’ve looked at this clip a few times and I never see the
    recognition in Romney’s face that he understands that the man he is talking
    to is gay. I think he does eventually understand that he didn’t give the
    answer that was desired.

  10. People can have their own opinion. let Romney have his. These days if your
    against gay marriage your a monster and I find that ignorant of people

  11. Gotta love conservative bible thumpers. Cause I have money you should live
    the lifestyle I WANT YOU TO LIVE.

  12. Ha! at 3:40 “Why do you feel so strongly about this?”
    “Because I have a 12 inch black dildo that’s been stuck in my ass since
    Pearl Harbor was attacked!”

  13. Mitt Romney, a homophobic draft dodger that never had a real job in his
    entire life wants to annul the marriage of this war hero that actually did
    fight for his country, simply because he happens to be married to a man!
    Enough Said!!!
    The American people made the right choice in 2012!!!!
    Mitt Romney = LOSER

  14. Mitt Romney is a good man. You my friend do not strike me as one yourself.
    You’re doing cartwheels in order to try to demonize him. You come off
    looking like a vindictive fool, in my opinion.

  15. The fact that Mitt would have the gall to discuss this issue at all, at
    this point clearly shows what a manipulative phoney shit he is. He was
    only the governor of Massachusetts, the first state to legalize same-sex
    marriage. Recently Senator Orin Hatch of Utah stated publicly, that
    same-sex marriage is going to become the law of land, regardless of who
    doesn’t like the idea, including himself. When 2/3rds of all the states
    make same-sex marriage the law in their own states, the Federal
    Constitution becomes amended. That’s the deal, and the law. We are
    rapidily approaching to 2/3rds point and we’ll be at that point before the
    next presidential election. Therefore, the point is moot, Romney knows
    this and is just bullshitting on people’s raw emotionalism and ignorance of
    the law to gain “Brownie Points”. Scum politician. …….. And “Hats
    Off” to the gay Vietnam Vet here, and ALL vets everywhere.

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