5 Comments on “Mitt Romney Refuses Gay-Rights Questions in Utah”

  1. I don like mitt Romney. However, the way he was approached was not
    proffesional at all !! Mitt is running for president of the United States,
    he doesnt deserve to be ambushed by some kid with a cell phone camera.

  2. Mitt Romney Lgbt gay civil rights PART ONE YOUTUBE VIDEO and
    Mittromneylgbtpeople arelistening on Facebook, youtube, blogspot. Causes
    Questions to Mitt Romney

  3. This video does more to hurt the legitimacy of the LGBT cause in my
    opinion. The title of the video is inflammatory (He wasn’t taking /any/
    questions) and I personally consider it journalisticallty unethical to
    insinuate that Romney was refusing to answer Gay-Rights questions when he
    clearly wasn’t taking /any/ questions at this time. Get him on camera
    refusing or ignoring these questions specifically as your title suggests.

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