25 Comments on “Mongolia’s Battle With The Forces Of Globalisation”

  1. Korea is a good model for everyone, they r highly developed, yet retained
    so much traditional culture, and they even developed modern culture based
    on both their traditional stuff and western media. 

  2. Developing countries like Mongolia inevitably are doing so to catch up with
    the West. We could see the similar symptoms in other countries as well. I
    think now’s the time to rethink the way to develop and make new development
    model without much sacrificing.

  3. I love how they didn’t mention the fact that they killed someone due to
    faulty safety measures….

  4. Unfortunately, it’s highly likely Mongolia will lose (some of) it’s culture
    due to economic growth and globalization. But that’s only because Mongolian
    culture is so vastly incompatible with Western success. Livestock and
    hunting don’t provide cushy jobs or build highways or provide internet
    A more modern translation of Mongolian culture is required if it wishes to
    rise above poverty levels and become a true player in the 21st century. 

  5. Once again a great documentary from y’all at JP, it seems they’re facing a
    real revolution with good and bad consequences due to what’s going on in
    that country,pure westernization that is.
    It’s good to know that though only recently, the government has been
    helping it’s citizens like those kids with their new born social assistance
    Respect from a Portuguese downhiller emigrant in Holland to the Mongolian
    people, descendents of the great conqueror Genghis Khan.

  6. A Soviet Republic until 1992? What? It was certainly a Soviet client state
    like Cuba. However I thought to be a Soviet Republic, you kind of need to
    be part of the USSR.

  7. Owning more things and consuming more things does not satisfy, communities
    and common values are far more vital and yet i fear they will fall for the
    greed and consumption just as easily as the develloped world thanks to
    propaganda/public relations.

  8. Businessmen try to create something out of nothing and immediately get
    called plunderers by rockstars and models. Same as in every country

  9. A very proud people,however these super rich brothers did not get were they
    are without a lot of bribery,corruption and tax avoidance thats for sure.
    Now this super rich women driving around in a exclusive G class Merc
    supports some pathetic nursery-commendable but hardly significant
    considering her distorted wealth.

  10. bribe their government and get the resources at low price. keep most people
    in poverty, and let them hate the government. so the rich government will
    be more dependent on us, buy our weapons and put their dirty money in our
    bank. i think the US has demonstrated how to do that in middle east. just
    don’t know how well the Chinese can learn it.

  11. Without exporting coal and gas to China, what can Mongolia make or offer?
    They cannot sell these resources to Russia as the soviets have plenty of
    their own. So why are the Mongolia complaining? Shut up and keep mining,
    Genghis khan!

  12. Money will corrupt and take away from people of Mongolia knew and
    respected… from having little and being happy they will move to having a
    lot a being depressed, good luck! ;)

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