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  1. If you remove gun murders from the equation the murder rate per capita in
    UK is very similar to the US but guns have no effect on murder rates

  2. More guns of law abiding citizens yes. More guns in the hands of criminals.
    Its like this Criminals will have guns no matter what laws there are. If
    you abide by the law that says you cant have guns than the Criminals would
    have guns. If you have a gun and the criminal has a gun than its more even.
    its not safer its just more even. Who says that some of that increase of
    death wasn’t from people shooting criminals?

  3. So a convicted felon can purchase a firearm in Missouri? Hmm. I love
    firearms and target shooting and always have since I was born. I think
    that some people should not own firearms but the majority of people who are
    interested should own firearms. So background checks are like the only way
    to tell the difference, right?

  4. 60 more people per year sounds too small to be statistically significant if
    we’re considering the entire state of Missouri. There’s about a 50 death
    fluctuation in firearms deaths in Canada per year and we only have about
    200 deaths a year due to firearms, and 80% of those are suicides. We also
    add new laws and regulations all the time.

    Also there has been a huge increase in firearm sales after Obama declared
    he wanted to ban guns. Unsurprisingly this didn’t result in more shootings,
    and the young turks even admit there is a reduction in murder rate across
    the entire united states. The Young Turks just contradicted themselves by
    saying more guns equals more murder since more people own guns than ever
    and there is a reduction in murder rates. If any of this data means
    anything it shows that the more law abiding citizens own guns the lower the
    murder rate.

  5. I think people who “love” guns, really love the male member. They need to
    a fat dick hanging in their faces to discover their real love.

  6. Guns aren’t the problem, drugs are, legalize drugs and there’ll be no
    criminals shooting everyone up.

  7. More (Law Abiding) citizens with guns reduce overall crime against other
    people. You really think more guns in the hands of criminals means the same
    thing? Your ignorance never fails to amaze me, Cenk. You can spin this
    until you are blue in the face, but it still doesn’t change the fact. Nice

  8. I swear these guys are just trolling. I’m expecting them to make a video
    one day saying, “We were just trolling, we just wanted to see how much
    bullshit we could spew.”

  9. It’s true, guns don’t kill people, but they *do* make it a lot easier to
    kill people safely, usually from a distance. There’s no question you’d see
    a lower murder rate if people didn’t have guns, and instead were forced to
    get up close and personal with a blunt weapon, a blade, or their hands if
    they wanted to kill someone.

  10. People keep on saying how guns are strictly prohibited in Europe make it
    much safer. Oh really? Explain Ukraine. People seem to forget that the
    insane people wear suits and ties and sit in government offices regardless
    of political affiliation as well. 

  11. Wouldnt itbe a good Idea to keep, at least, the crazy people and criminals
    away from fire arms?

  12. How dishonest. The law did not change anything in selling firearms. It
    clarified what was already happening. In most states, private sales do not
    require background checks. Private sales did not change at all before or
    after the law. Stop being dishonest.

  13. Minnesota still has their P2P, and their homicide rate went up as well.
    This Proves nothing other than more criminals used illegal firearms to kill
    people, innocent or not.

  14. If you think guns are bad, just wait…
    Wait until some pissed off Arab teenager figures out how to make his own
    Can you imagine some inner city youth with a penchant for violence getting
    their hands on something from Stephen King’s, “The Stand”?
    The massive number of shoot outs is a concern as well. When the police stop
    blasting away at the people, I’m sure the shoot out death rate will drop.
    Finally, every argument for gun control falls away when being shot at. That
    moment will be one full of the desire for weapons and armor. When a gunman
    is on the prowl, the best place to be is inside your tank.
    But then the pissed off Arab kid will get you with it’s WMD.
    I so adore Irony.

  15. Look, you have to be a brain dead idiot to think that this hair brained
    scheme of removing background checks was not going to produce this result.
    In fact that was the plan, It was a dishonest calculation to have it fail
    so that they could use this as a way to discredit the truth being said by
    the gun nation. We have said that trying to introduce a so-called
    comprehensive background check will not work simply because we already have
    one and it doesn’t work as you think it should. Government is giving a
    false sense of hope in saying that it would fix the problem, it won’t. What
    we have been saying is that they need to fix the system we have now, not
    take it out but fix it before making a new law. Background checks help
    deter bad people from trying to buy guns because they have criminal police
    records but it doesn’t stop the bad guy who has never been caught yet or
    who has never been charged of a crime from buying one, even with the new
    check! There was a motive in removing the background check altogether, it
    was to try to discredit and make it seem that what we have been saying is
    wrong! We are not asking to remove background checks, we are asking to fix
    what we have and to enforce the laws that are in place before making some
    new law that they will not be enforce just like the ones they don’t enforce
    now, it only serves to give false hope to the American people! If our
    thoughtful government is so interested in having private sales or person to
    person gun sale be safe why don’t they give us a phone number that we could
    call to check the person we are trying to sell to. Why do we have to pay
    some one to do this transaction? It’s about money that’s why! I can not
    have a gun on my person outside of the house “UNLESS” I pay uncle Sam in my
    case 67 dollars. Once I pay that fee I can carry a concealed firearm. They
    have no problem collecting that money and letting me carry a gun huh! It’s
    all hypocrisy! 

  16. I live in the center of Missouri…and own a lot of guns…and I feel very
    safe. Oh, but try to take them in any way or make me register etc. I’ll use
    them…good luck.

  17. The more gun nuts oppose background checks and even the most basic
    regulations designed to keep CRIMINALS from obtaining guns then the more
    likely there will be a backlash against EVERYONE owning guns. Its common
    sense people. 

  18. This study is ridiculous, Missouri sheriffs did not conduct Background
    checks when they issued the handgun permits, those were done when you
    purchased the handgun at the store through the FBI NICS system. A permit
    was not required to purchase a long gun.
    Furthermore no permit was required when purchasing from an individual.
    The very notion of this study is flawed, based on a premise that just isn’t

  19. It really depends. The issue simply isn’t that black-and-white like people
    make it out to be.

  20. GTA 3 Radio chatterbox: Guns don’t kill people, Death kills people, its a
    medical fact ask your doctor. 

  21. What? More guns means more shootings? Derp derp! I am stupid
    conservative.. derp… that don’t make sense to me! DERP! 

  22. Even a monkey can use a gun. When you give guns to a society filled with
    stupid uneducated people, you get deaths. The only time guns would ever
    work as protection is if everyone had the IQ greater than a monkey. Sadly,
    the majority of the population doesn’t.

  23. Id be willing to bet that those 60+ murders were criminals attacking a home
    they thought wasnt armed and got themselves shot. i could be wrong, but no
    talk of that right? the entire argument is that the definition of a
    criminal is someone who does not obey the law. so explain to me how writing
    more words on a piece of paper is going to magically make these people obey
    the law? the only thing it does is hurt law abiding citizens.

  24. It is better that someone murder another person with a knife than with a
    Please follow me here..
    If all murders were made with knifes, DNA material, fingerprints, and
    security cameras would be more helpful in the search of the murderer..
    The issue with a gun is that you can stand 50 yards away and shoot someone.
    That makes it a lot more difficult for the police to find the murder,
    because the DNA doesn’t prove anything.
    If you find my hair 50 yards away i could have just dropped it on the
    street walking by, but if i made a murder with a knife, it would be very
    easy to get me off the street so i don’t do this again..
    That is why the murder rate in USA beats all other countries.. 

  25. Wait, Cenk… You are blaming the guns when it is clear that the fact that
    a background check was not performed allowed guns to get in the hands of
    people who would not have gotten them otherwise. Why are you deliberately
    confusing the issue here?

    Guns in the hands of law abiding citizens makes things safer. Guns in the
    hands of bad guys are never a good thing. The key point is the person
    holding the gun, not the gun itself. Background checks are a good way to
    keep guns out of the hands of people that should not get them. It is no
    wonder that without these background checks, some bad people got guns and
    used them to do bad things.

    I don’t see why you are confusing the issue here.

  26. sure. That’s why, even as more and more states allow concealed carry, as
    more and more people apply for their first license, and more guns are being
    sold across the country, violent crime rates in America have been going
    down for years. Because more guns mean more crime. Oh wait…

    Income gap, lack of social mobility, and organized crime drive crime rates.
    Not lawfully owned firearms.

    But whatever it takes to get clicks. And yes, add a picture of a boy with a
    gun. Whatever it takes, Cenk.

    You do know Piers Morgan is out, right?

  27. I live in Canada so I don’t have these problems just as other countries do
    as well. The US is just getting ridiculous!

  28. Yeah, don’t use common sense and factor in the worst economy from 2007 till
    now, yeah don’t factor in more stress and more crime because of a bad
    economy. If you have the hubris to make a video like this at least expose
    your government sold guns to the mexican drug cartel with fast and furious
    aka the ATF gunwalking scandal. 

  29. What a fucking joke…I hope that all of these likes are CIA fucktards and
    not just a ton of idiots getting duped and indoctrinated….just wishful
    thinking that I’m sure is in vain.

  30. I really think it’s time for gun nuts to admit what this really is all
    about. Cmon. No seriously come on it’s cause it makes you feel big and
    tough to carry a gun. So here’s a state the stops checking for ID when
    selling guns and not surprisingly the murder rate goes up. Apparently
    making guys easier to buy for the bad guy and people get murdered more.
    Bravo. Considering most criminals are better at using guns and tend to get
    the drop on people instead of a straight up fight no wonder this happens!
    Do you honestly expect people to walk up to other people and challenge them
    to a wild western shootout winner takes all? Look personal protection is
    fine but gun regulation is a good fucking thing. There’s ALWAYS gonna be a
    black market but gun regulation at least ensures that the nut jobs can’t
    have easier access

  31. If guns were all banned and they were not sold at all less people would be
    able to kill with guns.Less guns less gun crime it doesn’t take a genius to
    work that out.Saying guns in the hands of good people is good is a load of
    rubbish guns anywhere means potential murder people should stop the selling
    of guns at all so that it is much harder to get a gun as it would be
    illegal and then there should be less gun crimes and less murders a person
    will only ever use a gun to kill so why would you want any of the public
    having it and if they kill (bad person or criminal) with a gun then there a
    murderer for killing them and so they are criminals it is a bad cycle and
    if you reduce the amount of guns by making sure people can only get there
    hands on one illegally then gun crime would be reduced as in a place like
    England where you cannot carry guns cos it is illegal there is less gun
    crime that proves my point.

  32. Since gun gun bans in the UK and Australia their violent crime rates have
    skyrocketed. For the year 2011 the U.S. FBI shows 386 violent crimes per
    100,000 U.S. citizens. For the UK that same year the number was 2,034
    violent crimes per 100,000.

    In the 10 years after the Australian gun ban of 1996 their violent crime
    rate went up over 41% and it’s still skyrocketing.

    Criminals and corrupt politicians prefer unarmed victims.

  33. so if you look at the entire country, you can see an overall drop in murder
    rates and an increase in gun ownership. How about those stats? No? Ok.

  34. 50 people in an entire state is a spike? umm. someone really needs to teach
    this guy what defence weapons mean.

  35. just like drugs if someone wants to get them they will. you really think
    gang members are gonna give a shit if it’s illegal? i live in chicago, you
    know that place that has the highest gun murder rate yet the highest gun
    restrictions? cenk you’re a fucking idiot

  36. If guns don’t kill people but people kill people then shouldn’t we not give
    people guns? Sure a gun just lying on a table or in a drawer won’t kill
    someone but put that gun in the hands of one of those killer humans then
    who knows what will happen.

  37. It’s just a lack of respect for humanity. I would never own one, I don’t
    believe we should kill for any reason. 

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