9 Comments on “More Marriage Wins Than Ever this Week: Feb 17 MNW”

  1. This is great news, although I am upset to hear the recent proposals in
    Kansas and Tennessee that would allow the discrimination of gay people.

    BTW, I have a tip for you guys: you can use an iPad as a teleprompter and
    put it right under the camera lens. ;)

  2. Proud to say this Ohioan has collected some of those signatures to get
    equality on the ballot THIS YEAR!

  3. I just hope Texas has a judge hearing the case who won’t agree with the
    idea that religious “freedom” means being able to be a homophobe without a
    penalty and that the decision won’t take months or years to be finalized in
    the right direction.

  4. Hey Matty,

    Lookin sickening this week, sooo glad you dropped the undershirt and went
    with the straight flannel and short short sleeves; great way to show off
    your full & supple arms… still, you could lose that damn coffee cup so we
    could get a better shot of your hands, it’s really in the way in places
    around 1:00 or so….

    PS love the longer beard, go with it…

  5. As a Gay Libertarian, this is great news! As a North Carolinian, this is a
    step towards marriage in the South, my homeland. :)

  6. I am so happy to see how things evolve in the USA about equal marriage!
    That’s so exciting. I hope gay and lesbian couples can marry all over the
    USA very soon. (from France).

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