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  1. I don’t know how much it cost.. cause I’m not the one that pays for the
    tickets when I go to the movies lol

  2. The last movie I saw in the theater was Kill Bill 2 and that was only
    because after watching Kill Bill 1 on DVD I couldn’t wait for the DVD
    release of Kill Bill 2.

    Now I just stream pirated material on the internet on my 60 inch HD
    computer screen in my living room

  3. In Toronto and the GTA, it’s about 13 bucks a ticket (because our HST tax
    is insane) and IMAX is like $21, plus we have to sit through commercials
    for a good 10 minutes before the previews even start (is it like that in
    the US too?)
    This is why I don’t have sympathy for the film industry when they bitch
    about people downloading movies online

  4. Visiting America to see my gf from England I thought American theatre
    ticket prices were great! So cheap compared to the £7 per ticket in
    England, which works out as about $16 a ticket for anyplace, we found $3
    tickets in some theatres

  5. ….you guys are so funny, movies too expensive. Come over here where it’s
    $18 to $23. Usually depending on if you’re going 3D or not. ^_^

    Man, I love previews. We also have signed seating here though I don’t think
    it adds to the cost. At least I didn’t noticed a price jump when it came
    in. It shouldn’t add to any cost, it’s just a change in policy.

  6. Um… They already do this here in Philly. Each movie theater here does
    cheap movie days; at some it’s $5, some it’s $6. Is the rest of the country
    just catching up? Because I thought this was common.

    I thought this was going to be about lowering movie tickets altogether. :-/

  7. Movie ticket prices are *quite fair*. It’s the main return on revenue for
    the million dollar blockbusters. Movies are not cheap to make. *Several
    million per film*. They need to make that money back *plus profit*. The *millions
    per year* spent by American consumers to watch *bodies get blasted
    everywhere* could easily *end poverty in America*.

  8. Movie theaters are obsolete. I’m surprised that they’re even around in
    2014. The last time I was in a movie theater was about 13 years ago. Movies
    are boring to me, so I usually don’t watch them. But even if I did want to
    watch them, why would I go to the theaters where there’s fucking people and
    hormonal teens, making noises, screaming, trying to be adults and all of
    that shit, movie theaters pushing extremely expensive and
    exorbitantly-priced snacks, when I could walk a couple of blocks to my
    nearest Walgreens, get whatever snacks I want for a fraction of the price,
    be at home, in my pajamas with a blanket covering me watching the fucking
    movie online? If I ever have a female and she begs me to go to the
    movies…then I’ll dump the BITCH!

  9. In the UK most cinema-chains already have the Tuesday discount. Normally a
    ticket would cost around £7 (around $12) but on Tuesday that drops to
    around £4.50 (around $8).

  10. The US doesn’t do this?!!!! Damn.. Canada has free healthcare AND cheap
    movie days. I’ve never been prouder :’) 

  11. Ignore TURDISreviews he thinks he’s an expert on film but to my knowledge
    the closest he’s ever got is a super sized extra buttered popcorn with
    double lard.

    Cinema tickets could be cheaper full stop. All this Tuesday discount is a
    load of crap.

    Popcorn only costs as little as 50 pence to make because per batch it’s
    cost effective. Yet they charge up to £4?

    That shows you how much cinema goers are being ripped off. 

  12. 16 bucks for a movie? LA…you getting ripped off bitches. Out here we only
    paid that for 3D movies when they first came out, but then they dropped so
    they’re only a dollar more then the normal 7 bucks price nowadays.

  13. You people in america are so spoiled with your prices. I have to pay 15-20
    dollars for any movie. If it’s 3D, 2D is often more expensive because they
    want to shove 3D up our assholes. And you have by no means reached a limit
    of what people are willing to pay, because in Norway, things cost up to 3
    times your prices and they buy luxurious things left right and center.

  14. After my military discount, my student discount, going to the matinee in
    the most run down theater in the city, whilst avoiding the 3D/IMAX
    versions, I usually pay about $32 for myself and my date. WTF? When I was
    in high school, I would pay $13 for two tickets.

  15. I budget every month for, “Entertainment” be it movies, supper out, pub,
    whatever. I can’t afford to take my family out to see a movie anymore.
    Where you get this 8 Dollars is beyond me, it’s easily twice that around
    here. So, I don’t bother with movies, we do other things now that are just
    as much fun.

  16. people don’t understand that money made from movie tickets go to the
    producers of that movie…food sales go to paying for the theater and all
    the employees working there

  17. I call it the Photoshop effect. A big screen, popcorn and 3-D are clearly
    not worth it for most people. Especially when you factor in annoying
    kids/teens, uncomfortable seating and dirty facilities. I can recreate the
    former and avoid the latter at home. The only theaters I actually waste
    money on today are ones with adult concessions, awesome reclining seats,
    etc. Either massively increase quality, massively decrease price, or
    prepare to be Blockbustered. Welcome to new media!

  18. I live in Indiana and I haven’t seen sub-$10 prices in years. If movies
    were $5 again I would start going to the theater again. 

  19. In the UK you can pay up to £16 for a VIP seat and £8 to £12 for a regular,
    depending on if it is 3D or IMAX . You guys have it lucky 

  20. i blame 3 things

    1. Bootleg
    2. Netflix
    3. Free downloads on the internet (Not nearly as reliable as the other 2)

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