43 Comments on “MSNBC – Brian Brown Vs. John Lewis On NOM’s GOP Anti-Gay Marriage Pledge”

  1. And where exactly did that “pledge” get the GOPs? O heah, they lost…way
    to go Mr. Brown!!! What a smart idea!!!! This guy is a GEENYUS!!!!

  2. @fitasafiddle123 Reread my comment. I am agreeing with you. If they are
    really straight, they WON’T have their marriage threatened. I was saying
    only a weak marriage is affected by who else is getting married. And I
    agree that NOBODY should have religious beliefs forced on them. You, and
    anybody else, should be free to practice any religion or no religion. It
    doesn’t hurt me in way. I have my beliefs, you have yours. I think we could
    still get along quite nicely. 🙂

  3. @rjs0416 Btw, this DOMA crap in the US has to GO. DOMA is now the reason a
    San Fran couple may be forcefully separted as one of them is from Australia
    i believe, and he takes care of his sick partner. MY GOD, what is wrong
    with the USA!? sheesh

  4. @mykelb She and Brian would have the dark mark of Volemort if we could
    examine their forearms. They are pure evil. Sad that so many Christians are
    taken in by their lies.

  5. Why do the proponents of so called same-sex marriage always retreat from
    arguing on the facts to anecdotal stories that are supposed to tug at the
    heart strings. Could it be they have no arguments?

  6. the function of the justice dept is to defend the law or adjudicate on the
    vallidity of a law, not bow to the will of the people!!!!! the judicial
    system is also supposed to protect the minority from the tyranny of the

  7. There is probably a lot of green in it for Bryan, Ralph and Tony. They make
    a lot of profit heading up their little hate groups that con the
    fundamentalist gullible out of their hard earned money. Then, they have
    wives to cover for them and raise their children. Then, they have plenty of
    cash to showre on all their male “friends” whom they go away with for the
    little weekend “meditation” getaways.

  8. @MrORIGINS1 Since that sort of sex happens at least as often, if not
    moreso, with heterosexual couples … I think your “reasoning” is somewhere
    between pathetic and sheer stupidity. Ya don’t really seem to be too
    bright, Mr. O.

  9. It angers me tht Brian would say the comparison between the struggles of
    blacks and gays are apples and oranges then compares gay marriage to
    polygamy so hypocritical.

  10. @smithbc81 … I dont see how a real straight christian would have their
    marriage threatened? How do you mean? If they (christians) are married, gay
    marriage wont threaten them!??!! I am saying that religion is a crock as
    this is how i feel about it. Anyone can choose to practice religion as long
    as it isnt put into legislation on behalf of me! Ya know?

  11. @rjs0416 “children will learn that gay men and women exist and marry one
    another when in a loving, committed, monogamous relationship.” Yep, gays
    exist and yes they have long lasting committed relationships which most
    homophobes think does not exist. It is pure ignorance to think gay couples
    do not have this.

  12. Brian: do Catholic charities receive public money? Then they should not be
    allowed to discriminate. Putting kids up for adoption is not a “religious
    right” but a privilege granted by the state. Stop your ridiculous hateful

  13. “federal constitution amendment defining marriage as between a man and a
    woman” OK so one of their big arguments against marriage equality is that
    it ‘redefines marriage’ when it seems that they actually want to REDEFINE
    marriage as it currently stands so that it will be the definition that they
    want. What hypocrites!

  14. Amazing how conservatives who are against gay marriage don’t seem to
    understand the separation of church and state. If ‘Brian’ does not wish to
    lead a gay lifestyle and wants a traditional hetero marriage, that’s fine,
    have it. But don’t try to impose your values on everyone else in the

  15. Thomas Roberts is right. If issues were left to the people to vote on,Women
    wouldn’t be able to vote, Blacks wouldn’t be able to vote, and Inter-Racial
    Marriage would still be illegal in some states, especially in the South.
    Also, the National Organization For Marriage should call themselves the
    National Organization For Straight Marriage, cause that’s All they promote.

  16. @BornTwyce4 You ignore the parts of the bible you think are cultural and
    only for the Jews of the time. But you dwell on insignificant things like
    gays, while ignoring the themes of the Gospel. There are so many things
    plaguing this country in real ways that NOM and Christians ignore, all in
    the name of “protecting” marriage and stopping fellow citizens from sharing
    in it. Jesus would be addressing the poor, homeless, jobless, downtrodden,
    not marriage equality.

  17. Same ol’ song and dance from Brian. “gay marriage taught in school”,
    Catholic charities…bla bla bla” It’s all homophobic lying bullshit.

  18. @sammyseattle It doesn’t say anything about divorce because Christian
    Pledges are about denying equal rights to OTHERS.

  19. I hate to be rude, but Brian Brown is a blundering idiot. He constantly
    interrupted Lewis and gave half-baked statements as his “evidence.” LGBT
    people can raise great families. Worst of all, however, was his comparison
    of polygamy to same-sex marriage. Being married to more that one person
    makes it hard for spouses to trust and care for one another. On that note,
    I hope that Brian Brown and NOM will fall. Their hatred and lies are no
    match for love and logic.

  20. @BornTwyce4 I don’t need an “accurate biblical response”. That’s not how
    things are decided in this country. Welcome to the USA. You need to prove
    actual harm to justify why gays shouldnt marry. And there isn’t any. And it
    is not a “straw man”. You people love to judge others for certain sins but
    ignore the parts of the bible you find inconvenient. That has everything to
    do with NOM and the video.

  21. @BornTwyce4 it’s not “gay marriage”, it’s MARRIAGE EQUALITY! in case the
    concept escapes you, the key word is EQUALITY, obviously a right guaranteed
    by the Constitution of the United States of America you’re against! it’s
    just disgusting how you intolerant bigots use the bible as your license to
    hate & how you degrade religion with that hate. remember, the U.S.
    Constitution will always trump your bible where equality is concerned, like
    it or not! your bigotry CAN NOT, nor will it be tolerated!

  22. God what a fucking scumbag. When these NOM supporters hear that the
    majority of US citizens now support marriage equality, now they just say
    thats not true (which it is, polls in all 50 states collectively show that
    52% of Americans support marriage equality)

  23. @BornTwyce4 Again, then let God judge me, you stay out of it. God in his
    divine wisdom and infinite power can stop marriage equality, if this will
    be the destruction of society. But it won’t and He doesn’t care. God
    generally stays out of the laws and dealings of mankind. He gave us the
    ability to reason and govern ourselves. And I say exercise it and stop
    trying to (selectively) decide what God wants for everybody else. This is
    not a theocracy. Deal with it.

  24. @neenerpuss Exactly. Its not exactly the same thing, “apples and oranges”
    apparently, but it is a good example of how “the people” don’t have a right
    to vote on other people’s rights. I shouldn’t have my life put up to a
    vote. I, like everybody else, have certain unalienable rights. Not
    determined by an unconstitutional vote “of the people”.

  25. Thomas has clearly been hanging out with Ed Schultz. He’s growing bolder in
    his interviews. Good to see

  26. Oh, and if the church has the right to pick and choose who they include in
    their silly games, they should not be tax exempt. No religion should be tax
    exempt. Its total bullshit and costs people, as well as our gov’t, who do
    not give two shits about their well-being (they WILL survive, and thrive,
    with or without tax exemption) lots of money that could be put to good use
    doing things like rebuilding our infrastructure, paying down debt, etc.

  27. @alexst99 Cause they like to lie and pretend they are fighting FOR
    something when they are actually fighting AGAINST a specific people group’s
    rights. It sounds so much nicer to try and claim you are “protecting”
    marriage, not crapping on the constitution and hurting many families and

  28. “Religious justifications for anti-gay bigotry aren’t valid anymore, and we
    have to learn to ignore what the Bible says about homosexuality in the same
    way we’ve learned to ignore what the Bible says about women and what the
    Bible says about slavery and lobster and everything else the Bible got
    wrong.” ~ Dan Savage

  29. BTW: Brian, polygamy IS in the Bible. I would have thought, based on
    religious grounds, its legalization would be rather easy, no? 😉

  30. What’s funny is that polygamy IS the original concept of marriage. In fact
    America has already redefined what marriage is–it used to be a contract, a
    transfer of property. In other words: women. Marriage was a man getting as
    many women as he could.

  31. for someone who believes the public is on his side, this bigot Brown sure
    is defensive on his views. But we all know that there is a lot more support
    for gay marriage in the younger generation, ie more tolerance. Meanwhile
    the older generation are just getting older.

  32. Good God, Brown sings the tired old song “redefine marriage…blah, blah,
    blah….” Excuse me while I puke.

  33. @BornTwyce4 So god doesn’t interveen in modern times with all the evils of
    the world, but at the time the Bible was written he didn’t have a problem
    interveening by summoning two bears on 42 children and killing them all,
    because the children called Elijah a baldhead? ( 2 Kings 2:25-35) …
    Sounds like a terrorist to me. How do you explain that?

  34. @equalityamerica What the fuck would YOU know about either truth OR facts?
    You’re still an asshole.

  35. @laserthebeam2 Which is why we have to realize that all bigotry should be
    reviled. Realistically, it won’t happen, but it’s a nice thought. In the
    meantime, we’ll have to use the courts and the U.S. Constitution to
    overturn votes which are deemed unconstitutional while educating the public
    about the issue. It may not happen right away (it may take a while), but,
    eventually, there will be marriage equality.

  36. @BornTwyce4 Men can play a game with a ball and hoops and its called
    basketball. Women can play a game with a ball and hoops and its called
    basketball…and men and women can play a game together and its called
    basketball. The same with marriage…the action is not defined by the

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