39 Comments on “MSNBC – Wrestling Coach Hudson Taylor An Advocate For Gay Rights”

  1. This man is beautiful inside and out. Thank you Coach for being a GREAT
    role model in a world that is sadly deficient in that area.

  2. @p0rter1515 standing up to the bigots in defense of those who are
    persecuted. hes a hero

  3. As a wrestling coach I can say that I am proud of this man. As a fellow
    wrestling coach there are pressures you face especially when living in a
    conservative town

  4. A real man doesn’t feel the need to demean people who aren’t exactly like
    him. This guy is great.

  5. This guy gives me hope for the rest of the world. What a great example of a
    human being.

  6. I would like to understand more about what pressures you face as a
    wrestling coach. Can you elaborate? If you dont feel comfortable on here
    could you contact me and request my email and explain further there? i am
    trying to work with some friends that are in similar positions and I want
    to help if I can….

  7. More power to him! Guys that aren’t “threatened” by gays are WAY more
    attractive to women! It’s a “win-win”!!

  8. I’m proud he’s the coach at my alma mater – COLUMBIA U ROAR LION ROAR!

  9. Good for him. It’s good to see someone in sports bucking the status
    quo–especially when it doesn’t neccessarily affect him personally. A
    brave, honest man.

  10. D.C. Sports Bog – “Hudson Taylor is a wrestling magician” from the
    Washington Post’s D.C. Sports Bog. Hudson performs several magic tricks
    with a deck of cards. He’s very accomplished , but he’s not perfect; I
    don’t thing he sings & dances (yet!).

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