38 Comments on “Museveni signs Anti homosexuality Law Feb 2014”

  1. God doesn’t creat some one with idiot homosexuality or such sick satanist
    mentality such abnormal it is from the idiot devilish western and their god

  2. Do the same sex marriage people give birth to kids? So what is interesting
    with this horrible, satanic, stupid. ..act thank God that this act is not
    widely practised in uganda like the westerners do it as if God supports

    HOLY ONE CURSE THEM like those in Sodom & Gomorrah!

    If someone claims to be homosexual KILL THE FAGGOTS and their blood shall
    be upon themselves:

    THE BIBLE IS AN AFRICAN HOLY BOOK … NOT caucasian! Follow it carefully:

    “Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is
    abomination.” Lev 18:22

    Purge evil from among the children of THE HOLY ONE

  4. hahahahah big up museven, for once in life i loved yo answering and proving
    whites right. but this ntv reorter has made my day hahhahahaha

  5. Now, you know whom Satan is! at 33:30

    2Th 2:3

    Don’t let anyone deceive you in any way, for that day will not come until
    the rebellion occurs and the man of lawlessness is revealed, the man doomed
    to destruction.
    2Th 2:4

    He will oppose and will exalt himself over everything that is called God or
    is worshiped, so that he sets himself up in God’s temple, proclaiming
    himself to be God. 

  6. Please my Follow African keep it up as musoveni did stand up to keep you

  7. M7 makes me laugh… Speaking of Westerners… Can someone whisper to M7’s
    right ear to read ISAIAH 14:16 & Obadiah 1:3

    Then he can easily understand better the Westerners! However I DID NOT PICK

    M7 Signs [6:41]

    Can he explain to us what it means! He looked at those white-demon ladies
    and then folded his two middle-fingers….

    Watch out guys

  8. Jesus, thank you for sending the miracle of Love to Mr Museveni; help him
    live free and easy.

  9. omg! this guy is a president? he cant even string a sentence together. cut
    all aid to Uganda now! 

  10. Start Chris, Don’t bring that politically correctness of yours to other
    people. Many many Africans in the waste “Diaspora” accept to abandon their
    dear culture and traditions because they are told that if they want to live
    work and succeed there they have to. How many have you seen trying to force
    their beliefs or traditions on You? Leave the Africans alone. If anything
    is to change let it do so naturally because we are born Naturally, Eat
    naturally grown foods and just choose to stay Nature. Why do you people
    never give any credit to the African people? You us names and all. but one
    simple question is, how did we end up in the best part of the world where
    “Naturally” there aren’t any complaints or special needs to live and
    survive. Well, you see for us We believe in God and so we thank God for all
    of the great things he does. whereas the evolutionists still can’t figure
    out why they in the part of the world where everyone complains almost on a
    regular basis. How did we yet without cars, planes or whatever manage to
    pick such a perfect spot out of the rest of the world? ???

  11. homosexuality is a western disease. it is intended to exterminate 2/3 of
    the world population by different means. homosexuality disables ones
    capacity to bear children. it is the western neo-genocide!!! then the
    illuminati elite will effectively rule the world 🙁 Good job Mr.

  12. Uganda lags behind the world in every way.
    Now that Uganda’s have banned the homosexuals does the country have better
    water? less poverty? less disease?
    Uganda has become a laughing stock for the world. So embarrassing,
    especially for me as an African.

  13. I am Mozambican, a proud African, and we proud ourselves for not bein’
    close minded haters, homophobic and racists like you.
    You Europeans brought us your damn Gods and bibles to steal our shit and
    make yourselves rich, and once again through your damn Evangelists bring
    hate and intolerance towards human beings. Science has proven homosexuality
    to be natural, but you and your damn prejudice and hate twist things to
    kill fellow humans.
    Not all Africa is like this. In Mozambique, South Africa and many other
    nations in Africa, straight guys like me support the will of homosexuals to
    live freely and happily. Fuck your Gods, Jesus, Allah and shit, we don’t
    want ’em in Africa. 

  14. This is Nazi Germany…all over again and an outright human holocaust (in
    the making)… Love + Love = Love. Hate + Hate = Hate. What is driving
    Ugandan hysteria? This is wrong (in anyones eyes)! Promoting hatred of
    human beings is not ‘NORMAL’ it’s really really sad and bringing up
    children to hate is also sad. 

  15. the warms in ur mouth….hahahahahah!!! you r hilarious. but thank u for
    signing the bill mzee.

  16. This is great and true. It’s courageous of Museveni to stand strong on the
    truth in the midst of all the Western pressure. The threats are now soon to
    follow. Uganda is in my prayers… Stand strong and God will protect you.

    Nurture has absolutely EVERYTHING to do with how one eventually decides to
    live his/her life. This is the very reason why the government and
    educational systems are pushing books on homosexuality even to our
    pre-schoolers, as well as regulating 501-C3 funds in retrospect to whether
    or not homosexuality is accepted/condoned by these organizations seeking
    aid and tax exemptions. 

  17. Am so disappointed by this ntv reporter he should be fired with the whole
    camera crew!!

  18. His Excellency, Sir Museveni. That is a powerful stand on Homo sexuality.
    Salute for you Sir. It is an awakening for many African leaders to embrace
    their culture and stand by it. We could all borrow a leaf from Chinese
    oldest culture on earth… 6000 years and it has stood the test of time… 

  19. I have absolutely no problem with someone being gay. Weather I know someone
    who is gay in my family or if I go to the cinema with a gay friend of mine.
    It does not matter at all.

    The big difference is – I am allowed to talk about it as much as I want.

    A lot of Uganda People think the same.

    But in fact that is not the same at all: Not for Uganda – People….they
    live in Uganda. And that is the big difference. Because they are afraid of
    their life and the life of their beloved ones they do not speak up. This is
    so sad. This only happens when fear rules the people.

    This is comparable to apartheid. And people should have learned out of
    history. Nelson Mandela would be very concerned.

    You all will look back in a few years and be in shame about what you had

    Museveni signs Anti homosexuality Law Feb 2014
    so dicks are just for peeing ?
    and all our other parts ? ? ?

  21. I applaud you President Museveni, for this decision of solidarity and
    practice of sovereignty. I respect your stance on the subject, you should
    not allow these dissidents to infect your country with their mental

  22. we wont eat poop because the Americans want us to eat poop…thanks Mr.
    President…go eat your poop in your country

  23. I believe this law is a huge problem for open and effeminate Ugandan
    homosexuals, but not a problem at all for MEN LIKE DISCREET GAYS

  24. 1. Ugandans are saying that they don’t want to listen to the westerns and
    that they have their own ways. At the same time, this Anti-homo bill would
    have never been introduced if it wasn’t for Western christian evangelics
    coming to Uganda to talk about gays.

    2. People are not born gay, however, people are not born straight either.
    There is no gene for sexual orientation.

    3. The law will never get rid of homosexuality. Believe it or not, but
    homosexuality has been around for ages, it is not something that just
    popped up as a modern phenomenon. It will however result in the death of
    innocent lives.

    4. Thinking that Uganda dont need aid is the most dumbest thing I’ve heard.
    Uganda needs aid, and could do so much good with that money, you just have
    corrupt leaders that use the money for themselves.

    5. Uganda should focus on an anti-corruption bill, an anti-rape bill, an
    anti-violence against women bill, and much more like education and health.
    I think that would benefit the country more. 

  25. The U.S. is a free & democratic country, therefore Obama shouldn’t
    interfere in other countries governments. Uganda is not a U.S. State. If
    open and flamboyant Ugandan gays feel restricted with this law, they’re
    free to leave Uganda

  26. Africans are conservative by nature, we should not be condemned forour
    moral values.

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