My Gay Rights Speech

My speech class had to give persuasive speeches this is mine about how I think gay marriage should be legal, and how people just need to be more open minded …

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  1. @jaydawg34 Thank you for watching it! I’ll definitely continue my support
    until the day I die, and I’m glad I gave you a little hope 🙂

  2. First of all: ur gorgeous, lol, and yeah… I totally agree with you, gay
    people should have the same rights as herterossexual do, all around the
    world, it’s so wrong that only a few countries all over the globe accept
    gay marriage, and those bullies, they should be more open minded, like you
    said, everyone has the right to like whatever they want ! (:

  3. @sk8ergirlsamie I would, just wait til you see my movie trailer for my
    speech, its going to be awful! cant wait to see your beeautiful face

  4. I’m so excited for your movie trailer, I’m almost dying with anticipation!
    And if you want to see a beautiful face just go look in a mirror because
    you’re stuuuunning!

  5. Hi! I can tell you cared enough to put time into a great speech. Ive seen
    that most hate comes from “stereotyping” gay people as either perverts or
    as flamboyant, high strung, drug addicted partiers. Although this was an
    assignment, I hope you continue to give support even if it is through
    acceptance. If you want to witness a same gender family with two loving
    dads & two fantastic children, then glance at depfox channel. They give me
    hope! You gave me a little more hope. Sincerely, thank you!

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