19 Comments on “My life in Russia: Derrick Brown from Oakland , USA”

  1. The music in the beginning was not in Russian, sounded like Serbian or
    something (I only speak English or Russian), what’s good with that?? 

  2. Propaganda política de Putin. Политическая пропаганда Путина. Propaganda of
    Putin’s policy.

  3. I wish he could have shared more about why he decided to come to Russia and
    about his relationships with his Russian teammates. But those two guys are
    a great example of how people can adapt to any change. Great job Ricardo! 

  4. I congratulate Mr. Brown and Mr. Hendricks on living well in Russia. It’s
    good to see young Black men living well and being respected as human
    beings, and for what they bring to a foreign culture. Eric and Richard are
    succeeding because they have nice personalities, open minds, and a
    willingness to embrace change. As Derrick put it, “You make the experience
    what you make it.” So true!

  5. yah, i got what u saying from experience….it took time for me to know
    that Russians are nice people and i almost lost my smile walking on the
    Russian streets 🙂 …gudluck!

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