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  1. “Gays can change” proclaimed ex-gay ministries for 40 years, but a few
    years ago the leaders admitted nobody changed from homosexual to
    heterosexual. They just stopped calling themselves gay. Since then every
    major evangelical ex-gay ministry in the world that had decades of
    experience has shut down forever.

  2. Praise God sister!!!! I went through the same thing and God delivered me
    from lesbianism as well. The Holy Ghost will transform your life. 

  3. I can definitely relate to this. People think that lesbianism is something
    that cannot be changed, however I’ve come to realize that you can change
    any habit/lifestyle through Jesus Christ. I will continue to listen to the
    voice of truth, which is God. I’ll continue to pray for the world rather
    than to follow it. Those that despise any opposition to homosexuality are
    the same ones who despise hearing and following the truth. We need to
    embrace Jesus, and not our feelings towards the same sex. Cleansing our
    spirit, will lead to cleansing our flesh. God bless. <3

  4. god is not a man he didnt create sin homosexuality is unnatural your not a
    man trapped in a girls body

  5. SHE is just following her life journey. I took the same path. Church kid,
    grow up as young adult cant wait to leave home to live wild. But after
    you’ve had your “empy fun” you look to the church for some kind of
    grounding. :You get indoctrinated, an answer to live by. Thats why the
    church focus so much on young people. But years later, you become an mature
    adult and you go back and adjust to who you are and did not choose to be.
    THat is who God created. took me a long time know that, and behappy

  6. Interesting to say the least because it sounds like you werent a lesbian at
    all never had the feelings seems you just followed a trend.Having feelings
    for woman isnt a light switch and god loves you no matter what where all
    sinners we all have are demons but just because you go to church doesnt
    make you magically correct with god.You can have stead fast faith be
    totatlly devoted but still have a sin you battle with.You have those
    lesbian feelings when your growing no matter if u have bfs or not.

  7. Stay calm girl. Be a positive example. People won’t understand because
    society has people thinking being gay is ok. It might be here on Earth. But
    ok isn’t enough. It’s not until you taste the riches of God’s love that you
    will truly know what life is. Guard your mouth and be a good testimony.
    Seek God even now so that He may show you a new way to bring His people
    back. God bless.

  8. god is not a man=okay he didnt create sin=why are you using the word “he?”
    and what is sin? homosexuality is unnatural=what is natural, a dick in the
    pussy, does this mean you dont suck dick because you definitely not gonna
    keep a man if you aint suckin dick? your not trapped in a mans body=who the
    fuck said anything about you being trapped in a mans body, you sound like
    you trying to convince me that you not a dike, im not your moms so you dont
    gotta lie

  9. So you put all your energy into faith, and not carpet munching anymore,
    congratulations! Your x hoes would be proud, thinking about all the pussy
    you ate while loving it. Also, you never read one exert from Biological
    Exuberance due to ignorance, congratulations. Just keep reading the bible
    and keep suppressing your enjoyment (btw, i still think you’re a dike on
    the low).

  10. … The only way to have self-liberation, to know that you are being honest
    with yourself about who you are is to be willing to lie on the outside.
    Otherwise your drive, your ambition will fool yourself and you will lie to
    yourself just so you can self-promote on the outside. So be willing to lie
    to other people to promote yourself and you’ll never lie to your own self.
    Not that you need to lie about being a lesbian. There’s plenty of people
    who will accept you. Foresake all the haters.

  11. Levitate off the floor? You’re sure he wasn’t jumping for a few seconds.
    Are you sure that wasn’t just your own thoughts. “Lost both of your jobs,
    got kicked out of school.” Classical case of cognitive dissonance. You’re
    gay but you want to “get ahead” in your career but lying to get ahead
    scares you too much so you lie to yourself to make it OK.

  12. Some people are born with a greater tendency toward pride, some are more
    tempted with greed, some with out-of-control drug use, others with lust,
    and still others with lust toward members of the same sex. We are all
    tempted, but some of us in different ways than others. Nevertheless, the
    fact that I, for example, am genetically more inclined toward selfishness
    does not give me an excuse. Sin is still sin. God understands our weakness.
    He wants to forgive.

  13. I understand that you say that you were once a lesbian and now you let God
    in, but, is God codeword for dick? I don’t get it. Read Biological
    Exuberance and then you can tell me about the institution of religion,
    since you claim to be educated.

  14. Are you attract to men now? You’re suppose to know that you can’t help with
    who you’re falling in love to. You’re giving the devil to much importance
    and I’m a believer.

  15. Seriously???? You’re comparing ANIMAL homosexuality to HUMAN
    homosexuality???? Really???? It is no more sin for an animal to have sexual
    behavior with another animal of the same sex than it is for them to kill
    another. Animals are not made in the image of God & they certainly do not
    have the ability to sin. The fact that certain animals exhibit homosexual
    behavior is completely irrelevant to the human situation. We have a soul, a
    spirit, a conscience, we are sentient beings. ….cont.

  16. @KCTEENTALKLIVE. wtf??? the devil talked you into being a lesbian?? look,
    you need to check yourself. you ARE a lesbian. obviously youre having such
    a hard time dealing with it and the people ridiculing you that you think it
    might be easier to “conform”?? lmaaaaaaooooo the only weight you need to
    take off your shoulders is the illusion of religion and all the douche
    fucks that back it and make you feel insecure. grow up. this is 2012. gays
    are okay.

  17. I can tell you that since I was around the age of 10, I was attracted to
    the same sex. I grew up in church, all my friends and family are firm
    believers. Almost all of my uncles are pastors who raised their children in
    their churches. I always thought it was wrong, I hated myself growing up. I
    would cry every time I was alone. I would pray for a change, I would pray
    yelling and in tears for a change. I grew up and I still feel the same but
    I accept myself now & I’m alot happier for it. I am me.

  18. Soooo proud of brave people like you willing to share your struggle!!
    Praise God! You are an answer to prayer. Praying for you! Keep going!

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