12 Comments on “My Thoughts on Lady Gaga’s Born This Way and Gay Rights”

  1. The first time I hear it was on my crappy iPod speakers and I thought it
    was a little to over-produced, but once I played it on my stereo with bass
    it was AMAZING! that how it was meant to be played. Also after watching the
    Grammy’s I was a little disappointed with the show cuz it wasn’t as BIG,
    HUGE, and EXTRAVAGANT as her other work… But after watching it a few
    times I can see her love to convey the message and that her heart is 100%
    into that performance. And all of their outfits were sim

  2. @keithjinternet no I don’t think you could be!! Thanks for all the videos!!
    You are awesome!!!

  3. @kevinms78 Thanks, Kevin! Glad you and I are on the same page. Yes, I
    probably could be cuter.

  4. @MrYahwehHimself I’m 15; I’m gay; I was born this way. Explain that to your
    God. If such a God truely existed, why did he CREATE me to be physically
    and emotionally attracted to a man like a straight man to a woman? And why
    did your God only make a tiny percent of boys and girls this way? Seems to
    me that your God is an EVIL, SINISTER, MISCHIEVIOUS God. And don’t tell me
    I choose to like men, cause I don’t. I know what I was born to like.

  5. Thanks for the reminder of how special this little moment in history is. I
    think I definitely lost sight of the bigger picture when I decided I wasn’t
    crazy about the song.

  6. God made everyone perfect but we fell short of it when sin came into the
    world so she is sending a very negative message with her illuminati music

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