6 Comments on “My views on Gay Rights:”

  1. I’ve lost quite a few subscribers after putting this video up. If it’s
    because those people are against gay rights, which are essentially human
    rights, then that’s okay. Because I don’t want closed-minded people
    following my channel anyway. I will forever support the gay community. They
    do deserve acceptance and they do deserve to love who they want. Meow.

  2. Seriously I love this. It is simple and no one should be forced to think
    that they can’t love who they love. No one should be oppressed just because
    they love someone. Thank you

    also I find your awkwardness ver cute. Ramble all you want 🙂 

  3. Well said 🙂 i agree with everything you said in this video!! No one
    should be made to feel like they cant love who ever they want! Keep up your
    awesome videos Tia!! We love them!! 

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