8 Comments on “Natalie Ellis discusses Post Natal Illness on ITV News”

  1. Thanks for the comments everyone, it was hard to do but I’m glad I did it
    as the response was so overwhelming.
    The more it’s talked about, the less taboo any mental illness becomes; and
    in sharing my story, I know it got people talking and helped some to reach
    out and get the help they needed, which is everything I’d hoped for ❤️❤️❤️

  2. I know people often say “You’re so brave to speak up about this” but in
    this case I honestly think you have been very brave to speak so honestly
    about the thoughts that you had. I hope other people in the same position
    get to see this.

  3. I am so glad I was watching the local news tonight……I went through the
    same with my youngest child and although I was aware I might be suffering
    with PNI I never spoke about ‘those’ symptoms as I was too ashamed and
    didn’t even know it was linked. Thankfully I got through it but they were
    pretty dark days. Let’s hope your honesty will make more women come forward
    and talk openly and get the help they need. Thank you Natalie.

  4. So well done Nat and a very good description and easy to understand
    explanation of the thoughts many get with PNI – from abuse of all kinds,
    fear and thoughts your child is ill, to thoughts of doing harm to your
    precious baby – and how they come about.

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