17 Comments on “Natcomber13 – ‘Golden Era’ – Best of 2008-2013”

  1. great video nath! its awesome to see your progression over the years. your
    early footage was actually a big influence on me trying out those garden
    trampoline tricks and onwards. youre a legend :)

  2. this is just a great video! I forgot how good you actually are and i love
    to see your progression over the next years! :)

  3. I remember watching your tutorials when I had just started doing tricks 🙂
    I have learned many tricks because of your tutorials thanks for making
    them! :)

  4. yeah we all have our movement story. Remember watching your stuff back in
    2009 such a sick motivation.
    keep moving and keep loving movement ! :))

  5. Hi. I’m impressed. I want to train like U 😉 what’s Ur Idea? I’m 28
    year-old. isn’t it too late???

  6. nathan i dont know how it comes that i havent seen this video yet, but this
    is the definition of progress! it was so awesome to see what you achieved
    and it makes me even happier to know that there will be even better and
    crazier stuff in the next years!:) <3

  7. Regrettable you stop doing a lot of things but I think you will make faster
    progressions now in gymnastics and trampoline and that would be awesome to
    see. 🙂 It was a nice video and I look forward!!! ;D

  8. great video you do have talent to do this but remember take care of your
    ankle it is a weak ankle but you are still growing wear a ankle support
    when needed and do not over do it how’s the ankle doing now 

  9. This is pretty inspiring. It brings back memories of when I used to train
    with you back at the old barn. You have come along way and I am looking
    forward to seeing your progress over the next 5 years. Like you said, this
    is just the beginning!

  10. great video man. your have progressed insanely fast over the past few years
    especially the past year. I have been watching your videos since 2009/2010
    and you have been a huge inspiration to me. By far still one of my
    favorites to watch. Good luck with future training! I sure hope to see more
    progression in the future!

  11. I’m glad I follow you for quite some years now brother, it’s been awesome
    to watch your progress! Keep your hard work and good luck to 2014!

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