15 Comments on “Nationwide Gay Rights Rallies Spurred by Prop 8 Marriage Ban”

  1. You do realize that under Reagan the top marginal tax rate was 50%, under
    Nixon 70% and under Eisenhower a whopping 91%! And what will it be under
    Obama? 39% It seems to me that our economy did just fine under those
    Presidents; in fact, conservatives look back upon the Reagan Era as some
    sort of Golden Age.

  2. And yet these same fascist liberals slandered patriotic Americans who
    protest against higher taxes.

  3. Thousands of people across hundreds of cities standing up for equal rights.
    We shall overcome.

  4. Let’s not stopp to demostic terror. We s LGBT people are so much better
    than that…

  5. @StoogeWatcher i hope youre not refering to the the tea party terrorists
    when youre talking about “patriotic americans”

  6. @MadameBeekeeper equal rights does not have anything to do with abnormal
    sexuality. I mean what is the next thing you’re going to allow? BESTIALITY?
    INCEST? GAY INCEST? And then point out that it’s EQUAL RIGHTS? You make me

  7. Aerophire that is true… There were a lot of younger straight people
    (including me) at the Sacramento rally today! It was great 😀 The announcer
    said that we are a family.

  8. I wish they wouldn’t say “Firing up the Gay Community”… It is more than
    just the Gays that are fired up. Many people were offended by 8’s passing…

  9. It’s true! I live in Manhattan and would have attended a rally if I had
    known about it.. and I’m straight! This is about equal rights, not just
    “gay sex”.

  10. @ahcidkdfj that is actually a lie a lot of straight people support equal
    rights for all

  11. They are bastards???Well it shouldn’t be too hard, they were all bastards 4
    months ago. Now had they been used to it, say a year or two, now that
    would’ve been cruel. But 4 months, shoot, that’s only one NFL football

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