10 Comments on “NBC Will Cover Russia’s Anti-Gay Laws During Olympics”

  1. Meanwhile to anyone with any common sense it must look ridiculous to
    criticize Russia over it’s admittedly backward anti-gay laws while your own
    country commits MUCH worse crimes like starting unprovoked aggressive wars
    around the world which have killed MILLIONS of innocent people, topples
    governments all over the world through it’s CIA, kills thousands of
    innocents with their drones, arms and supports Al CIAada in Libya and Syria
    to overthrow governments, spys on everyone and says there’s nothing wrong
    with it, bails out the super rich, assaults everyone and makes a mockery of
    the constitution at the airports, has a bigger military budget than the
    rest of the world combined, militarized out of control police, gives guns
    to drug cartels ( operation fast and furious ), etc etc.

    The stupid sheeple in nazi Germany thought their country was fine too.

  2. Just shows how vile and demented are the crew of NBC’s editors and
    producers. Those who approve of sin are just as guilty as the homosexual
    offenders themselves. Humble yourselves before your God, while you still

  3. It ought to be good” the dammed desiring legitimacy by way of Vladimir
    NBC’ whack jobs

  4. Ah, NBC covering other things besides SPORTS….typical….typical Bob
    Costas…..typical liberals……does it never stop? Tune out,

  5. A Russia,leagalize two men sucking each others cocks or you are the axis of
    evil roflamo!

  6. bob costas is another brave gay warrior! I hope he does his interviews in a
    tranny outfit to show his true self. all the American gays would be proud

  7. Gostei demais do vídeo, talento incrível, meus parabéns!
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  8. Tonight’s US political speech/indoctrination to the nation by Costas
    (nothing to do with the Anti-Gay side to it – Russia needs to address the
    Gay/Racism issues) and his stooges was a total embarrassment to what
    Authoritarian USA is steadily becoming.
    This segment was painful to watch, and it wasn’t just because Costas’ eyes
    were squeezed into those tiny rims, one steamed up from the searing heat of
    his eye infection… (probably related to all the good bacteria boycotting
    and exiting Costa’s eye at the US airport for him being stupid enough to
    plan to be part of delivering politics to a nation when he should instead
    be part of an entertainment spectacle for the nation).
    The segment’s delivery “looked” fake, as if they’d been told to do this and
    didn’t really want to. Not the best of things to do right at the start, to
    trash the leader/country and the reason for the games. Call them an
    autocracy…. from the NSA, Big-Ag rights removal Authoritarian USA? This
    was pitiful, embarrassing, shows the decline of the US, and gives Putin
    lots more fuel to laugh more at the US.

    If we want to be a part of an improving world, we need to portray it
    ourselves and act to those goals. If we play the conflict card and present
    everything as conflict and differences, that’s the world the US will create
    and have to fight in.

    Do the Olympics show and make it 100% non corporate bribed fun for the
    Do the politics on the politics shows – not the Olympics.

    The Costas video isn’t available on YouTube yet, but this video shows a
    photo of Costas and some of the plans they had….
    #sochi #winterolympics #usa #authoritarian #indoctrination

    NBC Will Cover Russia’s Anti-Gay Laws During Olympics

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