8 Comments on “Neil Giuliano Talks About Celebrities and Gay Rights”

  1. Well I think that he guy who has a notorious remark three lines below says
    it all: Coming out doesn’t solve anything (rickyragoo). And he’s right, I
    mean when you live in Manhattan or Holland it will, outside it won’t work,
    you have to face that. Then it’s not handy to come out of any closet at
    all. In Holland it’s no big deal, nor in Manhatten nor L.A., but regard the
    rest of us. I’ve even seen a 25 year old Australian who I actually pulled
    out. Not even talk about celebrities.

  2. My gosh….he’s hot!! Yeah I do think he’s a sweet and kind guy. And, he
    has a sexy voice!

  3. Thank you, Neil. Your words and work truly empower all of us. I wish you
    were running for President.

  4. Wow, he’s cute. Seems like a sweet gay. Good message too, I really hope
    they take notice. No celeb has ever ruined their career by coming out.

  5. “missing an incredible opportunity”… yeah, to kiss their career$ goodbye.
    It’s no coincidence that the vast majority of celebrities who are “out”
    have chosen to do so within a few months/years of figuring out that they’ve
    tapped out the market that assumed them to be straight throughout most of
    their success.

  6. I was in the Mayors Youth Advisory Commission when Neil was Mayor of
    Tempe!! Go Neil, keep making a difference!

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