36 Comments on “Netroots Grills White House on Gay Rights”

  1. @valgehiir Look at my previous YouTube comments on Obama. Do it now. Go and
    look what I’ve written about Obama in previous YouTube comments during the
    last days or weeks. Do it, I’ll wait. When you’re done you can either say
    you’re sorry, or you can shut the fuck up in shame. Because you will see
    that I’ve called Obama an incompetent pussy as late as earlier today. I’m
    not a drone just because I stick to the fucking facts. Don’t be FOX News in

  2. What a fucking bitch. If she’d done her HOMEWORK, then she’d know Obama’s
    PERSONALLY against it, but don’t think PERSONAL OPINION should decide

  3. What I’d like to know is who would be a better candidate other than Obama.
    So far things are appearing very grim. I think we should give’im another

  4. I think it’s funny when ppl try to defend obamas lack for support for
    marriage equality by saying hes been so progressive with gay rights or that
    he’s done the more than any other president. However, as this lady pointed
    out, it’s a very low bar.

  5. I’ve read and have a little experience with the black community and being
    gay. They don’t like it, can’t understand it and won’t accept it.

  6. @bleunt What about the questionnaire? Pfeiffer admitted that Obama didn’t
    actually fill it out.

  7. @bleunt She DID her HOMEWORK. Thta’s why the mouthpiece got caught in his
    words by trying to lie about the survey. The survey didn’t say “personal
    opnion”. You’re just saying that just to do spin for him.

  8. he is right.. the gays are stuck between a rock and a hard place… just
    like the latinos … the republicans aren’t going to fight for progressive
    causes.. in fact they are campaigning on rolling back all progress made…
    i think the solution is to vote for obama in the general and apply pressure
    by voting in a more progressive base…

  9. @carlindelco Whether or not every one of those six billion children was a
    positive thing, is nonetheless a straw-man. “You won’t have a baby” is not
    a valid argument for why two gay individuals shouldn’t be allowed to be
    married. Why have the government restrictions in the first place? Churches
    are well-equipped enough to make that decision for themselves.

  10. As with all politicians, the President’s view will always “evolve” towards
    the greatest number of votes, campaign contributors and lobbyists.

  11. @dafttool LOL 2 guys living together sharing their love of their love for
    their love is NO different than 2 straight guys ( roommates) who will NOT
    get all the benefits HC insurance and all the other sham welfare that 2
    homos will. You need to ask you mother and father how it is YOU git here.
    From a purely secular sensible measure 2 homos are in NO way shape or form
    equal to a man and a woman. PERIOD!! I offer 6 billion pieces of evidence!
    I was speaking BIOLOGICALLY. man u guys really r dumb

  12. The liars getting caught out, shows that the PRESIDENT is a puppet of the
    real rulers of this country are.

  13. gay rights poll poorly amongst black voters, Obama knows that very well.
    since black voters are the only block of voters who vote for obama, even if
    he would strangle Bo or Mo, or whatever that fuckinmg dogs name is on live
    televison, expect now civil rights for gays as long as Obama is in

  14. @carlindelco Marriage is a civil contract between two individuals. It has
    NOTHING to do with procreation. Are the elderly, the infertile, &
    childless-by-choice couples less “equal” than those that pop out babies?

  15. I appreciate the upfront, and honest, manner this interview was conducted.
    If gay marriage is an important issue to you, maybe you should consider
    supporting a new candidate. Someone once told me, that insanity is the act
    of doing the same thing over and over again, yet expecting a different

  16. @carlindelco Honestly, I can’t understand that because the next to last
    sentence makes no sense. But, here’s an idea… why don’t you let the gay
    couples raise the millions of orphaned and aborted children you straight
    folks can’t bother to raise. Fix up your own issues before you make
    something out of mine. Let us get married. Maybe I’ll show y’all how it’s

  17. New Hampshire has an open primary, meaning independents, Democrats,
    unaffiliated voters can vote in their primary next year. Gary Johnson is
    running for the Republican nomination and he’s not like other Republicans
    when it comes to gay rights. Besides that, he’s anti-war and supports
    decriminalizing marijuana. So if you live in New Hampshire, I would
    recommend voting for Johnson in the primary. If you don’t, register
    Republican (temporarily) and vote for him.

  18. Can you imagine, even for a minute, having a friend that talked to you like
    this? The upshot: the is what the President is actually saying in an
    unpolished, fumbling way.

  19. So essentially what this guy just said was that gay people should vote for
    Obama because the other guy is worse.

  20. obama wont do a thiing until after the election and he wins…then,and ONLY
    then He’ll have NOTHING to Lose.

  21. @bonanzausa I don’t think what we have is a democracy, what we do have is a
    broken and very corrupt political system. Oh and by the way, I’m not gay.

  22. same sex marriage is a oxymoron. They are NOT equal. men and women are
    responsible for the 6 BILLION people on this planet.. How many people have
    2 dude brought into this world? To hetero men and 2 homo men are much more
    “equal” that 2 homo men and a man and woman!! How can anyone NOT understand

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