9 Comments on “New dawn for Uganda as President Yoweri Museveni signs anti- gay bill into law”

  1. what I love is all this anti-white talk in the comment section
    below…written in a “white man’s language”…English…LMAO…HYPROCRISY

  2. Moreover,
    “Africans” should also vote & pass law that makes it illegal & punishable
    to preach for the “rights” or activation of this “white” man’s disease
    homosexuality, in the “Black” “African” country. Consciousness, Knowledge,
    and Freedom to “Black” “Africa”. You see what the Dutch “whites” did in the
    south and legitimized their dirty behaviors like homo thru their
    “constitution” after apartheid atrocities, so that they could proudly do it
    without remorse, one reason their “jew”-“white” people’s cults “illuminati”
    “loves” Mandela. The dEVILS tremble at “Africans” knowing & being
    themselves i.e ORIGINAL THE ORIGINAL.

  3. Wai-wait, Uganda withdrew the death penalty clause for homosexuality
    because of international pressure but signs the current bill because?…..
    I’m anti-gay but there is no need to be extreme anti-gay 

  4. What is wrong with Uganda? Yoweri Museveni along with the 3 american
    christians (mainly Scott Lively) should be dragged to the street and beaten
    to death.

  5. The homo filth is CLEARLY the “jew”-Germanic (“white”) dEVILS’
    disease/device. Look at all the promoters, most if not all are “white”
    people or “white” people’s agents or instruments. Then look at the South
    Africa where their fellow GERManics (“whites”) the Dutch committed
    apartheid, genocides, etc. they “whites” voted & legitimized the HOMO thru
    their “constitution” because for the Caucasoid demons like themselves the
    homo filth is a NATURAL behavior. They PRETEND to be hueman like you or
    huemane, but they have no culture, which in place of, they practice
    genocides, promoting themselves, their ways & ideologies while trashing
    others & those of other peoples, for their own survival alone (because they
    can’t survive in nature). That is why you can speak/write in English even
    better than an English person but the English cannot speak/write in YOUR
    mother-tongue = the colonization which is compulsory for them but
    detrimental and abomination to the people they colonize(d) or do/did evil
    to. Never ever believe their arguments, they have agents paid for
    continuously arguing for them, which is what many of their schools are
    there for, to say the least..

  6. You know what we are AFRICA and we are against faggots and lesbos.We have
    to protect our family values.When did the west so care about Africa this
    much .All they did was go over there steal our Diamond.Poison our mind with

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