9 Comments on “New York’s Impact is Already Spreading: July 4, Marriage News Watch”

  1. Where to meet up? NOT Mickey’s. Avoid x3. Otherwise, welcome to LA! Glad to
    have have you, and sorry for the all the plastic surgery ads & alt-med
    billboards that litter WeHo.

  2. Welcome to Southern California! You’ll need to get rid of your
    July-in-San-Francisco parka!! By the way, it’s “Angelenos”, not “Los
    Angelenos”…but you get an A+ for trying…you’ll get the hang of it!

  3. Did you leave your heart in SF Matt? What a shock W. Hollywood must be.
    Hope you get organized, nothing worse than trying to live out of half
    unpacked boxes. Have fun in your new city!

  4. And why does MN think after how many states judges ordering NOM and some
    others to disclose their doners, and STILL have not done it, think they
    will actually get a list? These states really need to start throwing people
    at the heads of the table on these org’s that are not giving list, in jail
    for contempt of court. Throw highest head, then after 24-48 hours still
    don’t have the list, throw the second highest, etc etc. Maybe then these
    org’s will follow states law.

  5. Really moved closer to Hollywood, really? More $ donations to New York
    state so elected officials will change their votes?

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