25 Comments on “NFL Player Says He Was Fired From The Vikings For Supporting Gay Rights”

  1. he was fired because he’s an arrogant know it all little punk. they don’t
    want him there causing problems back talking his bosses. they have a right
    to fire him for what ever reason they want. suing is just a bitch move.

  2. Mox, take a look at the comments of this video, this is the type of
    mouthbreathing retardation you’ll get. People who jerk off to Russia’s
    social policies. Retire.

  3. The “locker room code of silence”, I wonder who all else has such hidden
    principals? Banksters, Police Departments, Big Corp, Big Oil for sure, …
    Wake up people.

  4. quit winning don’t you get it 99 percent don’t like sick,twisted people
    around them you see its not excepted like news media says it is they force
    fag agenda on us gay same sex is not a right never has been marrage is man
    and woeman get over it no one cares for yous sick life styilke

  5. So he’s a silly little faggot, let’s all agree and move on. They don’t get
    special treatment, we just admit they are silly little faggots. Screw all
    the butt you want, just shut up about it. 

  6. If you have a coach saying shit like that you record it. Folks this is the
    NFL, if you can catch the head coach saying shit like that, you bring it to
    your next contract negotiation.

  7. Uggh. The media makes me think the gay boys trying to emulate women cry
    more often than the women they are trying to emulate and jews when they get
    caught halocausting muslims, americans, and russians combined. I sure dont
    get my story of my anti straight anti male jabba the hut look alike dyke
    neighbors put on communist jew CNN.

  8. what a whiny little bitch. if you google douchebag this guy face should
    come up. i’ve read some of his crap in the past and it does not surprise me
    the nfl and people in general don’t want to have anything to do with him.

  9. just because society stared accepting homosexuality as natural doesnt mean
    I have to. Fucking Vikings, if its not love boats its faggot kickers crying
    like bitches

  10. I think he was cut because of his poor performance.
    His stats are not that good for the last few years as a punter mind you.
    He played eight seasons and lost his mojo.
    It happens all the time in the NFL.

  11. What’s wrong with homo marriage?? Well. it opens the door to Mormon
    Polygamy. So what? Wel,l their “Revelation”, D&C132, “Nullifies all non
    Mormon marriages and contracts” Literally. It also defines innocent blood.
    And it threatens wives with death for non compliance. It led Directly to
    the Mountain Meadows Massacre.. the first 911 and both were inside jobs.
    Both were orchestrated From The Inside by the Rulers. And the alleged
    “terrorists” were the victims of the lying perps. Homo Sexual marriage is
    wrong and so is Mormon polygamy. Chris Clewy says “The freedom to live
    your own life”. It’s Myopic. Further, there were and are laws in force
    against both homosexual acts and polygamy in 1776 And now. And the
    constitution is about “Establishment of Religion, not “Separation of Church
    and state” . There is no homosexual rights. Give homo marriage and you
    give Mormons polygamy. THINK> The issue is much deeper than the obvious
    rhetoric spewed on us thru the media

  12. No I won’t live under homo rule and it is evil . There is right and there
    is wrong . And my bible says That it is wrong , so I will speak out against
    it . 

  13. Supporting gay rights is fine, if you work for the NFL, a private
    institute, keep your mouth shut. Make your millions, get out healthy, then
    crow to the gays or whomever you want after you’re done. 

  14. I’m willing to bet he’s lying about what happened. I suspect this was
    another gay hoax. Also why is this national news on CNN?

  15. Kluwe should talk about football; however, even if he did so he would still
    have been fired for sucking at punting.

  16. Anderson Pooper, another silly little faggot. He begs for a beating just
    for getting in your face all the f’in time about his cock-sucking as
    support of all who do. Who gives a rats ass, anybody that whines about
    anything 24/7 is begging for it.

    Silly faggots, Russia got it right again. It’s illegal to smoke your
    buddy’s dick over there, and the country is better off for it. 

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