3 Comments on “Nigeria’s Future”

  1. President Jonathan is championing Nigeria to the promise land but the
    problem is the legislative arm of the Govt. They are the true definition of
    corruption and that’s what’s holding Nigeria back.

    How can our judiciary drag a case of corruption for N70 billion only to
    fine the culprit N600,000.

    How can our judiciary not prosecute Farook Lawal in the face of video
    evidence showing him collecting subsidy bribe and Farook Lawal still walks
    free in Nigeria?

    The Presidency is not our problem, our problem is the judiciary. Until we
    get the judiciary right, we’re only walking on ice on a sunny day.

  2. Well articulated interview. You are highly informed on issues facing the
    polity and you have the insight to the solutions facing the country. Thumbs
    up boss.

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