44 Comments on “No, A Republican For Food Stamps? You’re Right, It’s For THAT Reason”

  1. GDP per capita per country in 2012:
    U.S – $51,704
    Norway – $54,397
    Singapore – $60,799
    Can – $42,000
    Australia- $41, 954
    Iceland – $39,718
    Belg – $37, 459
    U.K – $36, 569
    Finland – $35,771
    Germany – $38,666
    Russia – $17,518
    France – $35,295

    Norway is the only country in Western Europe to surpass the U.S in GDP per
    capita in 2012. Everyone else does not even come close and it is a shocking
    embarrassment. So the next time you see a non-American call the U.S a
    “third world country”, remind him that the average worker in his state
    makes less than the average worker in the U.S. LMAO Europeans are

  2. He trashed the state, for sure. Left Sandusky go under his watch, cut
    school funding, cut every social program he could, cut Medicaid and then
    refused to expand Medicaid…. Took our state back 40 years within 4. It
    will take forever to restore what he has undone.
    He actually paid the fracking companies to rape our land, and then left
    them ship the exploits over seas… while our propane prices went sky high
    because there was not enough supply left for US to use! PSH…..
    He made tort reforms, making it even harder to sue for reparations… the
    laws were already heavily in favor of the corporations, and the medical
    staff is already on board to screw over anybody with a valid claim against
    This state was a major corporate piece of crap before he got in office,
    now it is 10 times worse yet. He misused the state police, on and on and
    on…. not much different from NJ, they are just better at hiding it
    here….we have more mini-me’s on the ground level supporting the
    corruption, that is what helps hide it.
    So many people are in to NOT rocking the boat here, that it seems to be a
    competition with the people… who is best at taking it in the rear… Oh
    it’s Timmy this month, he won!, he got fucked the most, and didn’t complain
    one bit, even sent in donations to the republican campaigns…. YAY!

  3. If someone votes GOP, Libertarian or Tea Party they aren’t paying
    attention. Vote Democrat. And once they are the majority across the nation
    we can start voting Green. Get every conservative, corporate loving
    politician in the US booted out of DC. We need true liberal progressive
    politicians that care about the People and not profits. Well, I can dream
    at least.

  4. Most westernised nations don’t even HAVE foodstamps, if you are poor, you
    get a pension or unemployment benefits, and you can spend that money
    however you need to. Only in AMERICA do they have food stamps, which were
    created as an agricultural subsidy and a way to humiliate the poor.

  5. Yet, Each year of his governorship he has increased funding for schools,
    balanced a budget which Democract Ed Rendell blew open with 4 BILLION
    Dollars of debt when Corbett came into office. he is the first governor is
    about 100 years to pass a balanced budget (Let ALONE A BUDGET) on time. In
    regards to these Subsidies Cenk is talking about, PLEASE LOOK THEM UP!
    These are subsidies for companies to buy Local PA Machine Metals and buy
    local equipment from the state in which they can write off some of the
    expense come tax time. Which means they are buying equipment from US and PA
    Made. Corbett has been easily middle of the road and has passed a
    comprehensive road bill that has desperate been needed. Cenk I urge you to
    actually look into what your talking about and stop trying to act like a
    second rate John Stewart and to tell the truth!

  6. There is natural gas in New York, which makes us all angry because we don’t
    want fracking to destroy the watertable. 

  7. Personally i dislike conservatism. Keep adapting and changing is how we
    survive, do not stick to the old stuff especially when they don’t work.

  8. My parents who are pretty strong Republicans (though not afraid to cross
    party lines) have emphatically said they will not vote for Corbett. The
    first thing in office that Corbett did was to cut education funding. Real
    popular move here.

  9. If you all hate the rich getting a good showing from government, stop
    voting for people with advertising campaigns. Those things do not buy

  10. There cutting food stamps,why?? governments are cutting benefits whilst the
    bankers get paid their yearly bonuses.

  11. This video has an extensive discussion thread prompted by a two-sentence
    comment I made on it – the discussion has a number of good contributions
    from other folks, so I think it’s worth a look.

  12. I want the foodstamp program to go away. Let welfare die out too.

    Let’s see America in a violent revolution. It’s about time. The citizens
    need to let it be known and make it starkly clear to the politicians that
    they won’t accept this status quo.

  13. Foodstamps, lol.
    So you just discriminate poor people by giving them an extra currency so
    that everybody in the super marked is aware in wich unlucky spot they are.

  14. Most politicians can be compared to hookers. In their normal day to day
    they are HIGH class call girls and only do the bidding of those that can
    afford them. Come election time they turn into skanky old crack hos selling
    their ass to any punter passing by.

  15. I live in PA, it’s almot a forgone conclusion that Corbett won’t survive
    the next vote. The most recent poll indicates 83 PERCENT of us will take
    anybody but Corbett, lol. I’m surprised Corbett’s even TRYING to better his
    image. It’s done, you know. I was concerned he’d be realistic enough to
    have a sort of political bucket list. Get all his evil shit in before the
    inevitable end, but look… False hope’s not always a bad thing. I’ve been
    saying that for a while, now I have a good example.

  16. The funny thing is by being ‘soft on poverty’ he’s probably going to lose
    Republican votes! All the poor people need to do is stop being poor right? 

  17. let me guess he figured out that you could sneak a pipline past the border
    to extract into a state that doesn’t tax them for the gas, you know kinda
    like what we did in iraq where we sucked the oil from ieaq then sent it to
    storage bunkers in afghanistan to sell to the EU

  18. Fuck Tom Corbett. I don’t even know how he got elected. He’s been one the
    worse, if not the worse, governor we’ve ever had. He totally threw our
    schools here in Philly under the bus and makes it plain that he doesn’t
    give a crap about ANYONE in this state. Can’t wait to vote his ass out.

    Side note, our so-called “liberal” Mayor Nutter is just as bad as Corbett.
    I really don’t think one party or side or whatever is better than the
    other. Dems, Repubs, Conservatives, Liberals; GTFO. They’re all

  19. Hate to break this sooooper sekret reason, but elections is the reason *all*
    politicians make these decisions.

  20. So Corbett is trying to pander to the poor by NOT taking food away from
    them? Well, we’ve got a winner here, don’t we? /sarcasm

  21. I can’t believe I actually believed TYT for the longest when they said that
    Obama just attacked Libya. When in actuality, United Nations Security
    Council Resolution 1973, on the situation in Libya, is a measure that was
    adopted on 17 March 2011. The Security Council resolution was proposed by
    France, Lebanon, and the United Kingdom Ten Security Council members voted
    in the affirmative (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Colombia, Gabon, Lebanon,
    Nigeria, Portugal, South Africa, and permanent members France, the United
    Kingdom, and the United States). United leagues of Arabs voted for it. Quit
    blaming america for everything.

  22. I am a Pennsylvanian, and I would vote for just about anyone else. Mr.
    Corbett has been bad for Pennsylvania and we need to change things here.

  23. Cenk: “tax breaks is giving them tax payer money”.

    LOL. Let me add this to my list of stupid Cenk statements! In the leftists
    world allowing people or anyone else to keep more of their money they refer
    to as giving them tax payer money. This is why liberals always call any tax
    cuts as being ONLY for the rich. Thus, if you get to keep more of your own
    damn money to a liberal that means other people has given it to you! Of
    course since the rich pays far more taxes than any other group when they
    get an equal tax rate cut as anyone else then of course that equals more
    money they are saving. It’s simpel math. But in the world of wealth
    redistribution that money they get to keep doesn’t belong to them! LOL

    This is the nutty mind of the liberal animal. Your money belongs
    to government and government just “allows” you to keep some of it.
    Somewhere in hell Karl Marx has a tear in his eye with pride over liberals
    in Amerika.

    Here in Texas we are flooded (and I mean flooded) every day with
    commercials from New York state asking (begging) companies from Texas to
    open up in NY with a promise of NO TAXES FOR 10 YEARS. Yes, liberals, your
    liberal state of NY with a liberal governor and marxist NY City mayor is
    promising companies that they will not have to pay taxes in NY for 10 years
    if they open up a new business in NY state. Whatcha got to say about that?
    (crickets)… Just what I thought. 

  24. Nearly half the country likes socialism and hates capitalism, and that
    percentage is going up, especially as people turn 18 and old Cold War &
    McCarthy brainwashed people die off.

  25. So, Democrats don’t “take and take and take” from every American Cenk? Is
    your D party hat clouding your vision?

  26. unless he cheats and rigs the race. I think this election in America, is
    going to see a lot of cheating…..from Republicans!

  27. Tom Corbett is truly Sarah Palin’s DICKLESS and BALLESS BITCH and PUSSY!
    Palin PWNS this RINO ass-clown and she WILL EXPOSE his PUSSY for the whole
    world to see! Palin will OUST this RINO OUT of Congress and fight for the

  28. uhhh….cenk, how do you get it from another state? It’s called directional
    drilling into interconnected formations….

  29. “Oh shit, people hate me! I’m going to have to actually do something for
    them in order to fool them into thinking I’m on their side again. Man,
    there’s no money in that shit. :/”

  30. I don’t think most people in PA could tell you who the GOV’er even is. He
    cut most of the programs. and has done not one thing.

  31. For serious with the sound effects? Cenk, please stop trying to be funny.
    You ARE funny, but funnier when you let it come naturally. I’ll admit your
    brand of humor took a while to grow on me, but it has. Just… Don’t try so

  32. Let me get this straight: Allowing people to keep more of their OWN money
    is the equivalent of a subsidy.

  33. “Multiculturalism” is a program that is FORCED upon EVERY & ONLY White
    “Multiculturalism” is a program to turn EVERY White country into a
    non-White country.
    This IS geNOcide. WHITE geNOcide.
    If you are White, and you object to your own geNOcide, you are called a
    Well guess what, my people, White people, are catching on very quickly to
    the following two things:
    1 – Multiculturalism is a code for White geNOcide.
    2 – Anti-racist is a code for anti-White.

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