7 Comments on “NOM’s Pointless Pre-Election Cash Dump: Nov 3 MNW”

  1. How do you like them election results fag marriage supporters???? Oh and
    where’s your video the 6th circuits upholding the ban in 4 states because
    marriage bans are legal and constitutional and thats why polygamy and
    incest marriages are banned as well as gay marriages…

  2. Matt, Montana & Arkansas both have hearings on November 20th. , Kansas has
    a hearing on November 6th.
    Mississippi has a hearing November 12th., Missouri, North Dakota, South
    Dakota all have had separate hearings, rulings could be announced at any

  3. Matt, Louisiana’s marriage ban Was Overturned in September the week of the
    23rd By State judge Edward Rubin
    The Online news source Think Progress reported this.

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