10 Comments on “NOM’s Stealth Attack on Justice System”

  1. So, on election day we’ll learn just how many uneducated fools are voting
    in Iowa. Any chance of a link to the court decision that NOM is upset about?

  2. Apparently the governor’s office has a mechanism that ban same-sex
    marriages? A dead link at wiki referenced a republican candidate saying he
    would do such if elected. Also, I suppose the legislature could enact a new
    ban framed differently After reading the court ruling, which I’m guessing
    most Iowans didn’t do, I find the ousting of the judges contemptible. I
    wonder if the legislature or exec branch could reseat the judges if
    desired. The state constitution is interestingly written.

  3. Yeah, I see that would likely cause a furor. It just seems so unfair that
    they lose their job for doing it correctly! People can be so easily misled
    it’s no wonder religion has such a stranglehold on so many.

  4. Federal judges are independent, although they are still subject to removal
    from office by impeachment (as they should be). States create their own
    state constitutions, so some judges are appointed, and some are elected.
    Another huge difference between state vs fed – most state constitutions can
    be amended by a simple majority popular vote. Thankfully the US
    Constitution is a lot harder to amend.

  5. Why are federal level court judges not subject to election but the justices
    of some states are? Just wondered. Wasn’t the judiciary supposed to be
    independent in order to be able to police the other branches of government?

  6. Even if they do manage to unseat all 7 judges, their ruling still stands.
    They would need another case to overturn the previous ruling. Anything like
    that in the works?

  7. I guess the governor could re-appoint the justices, but that would almost
    certainly evolve into a huge political fight that no one would win.

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